Who Is Gabriel Gutierrez? Wiki, Bio, Arrest, Charged, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Gabriel Gutierrez Wiki

Uspect arrested in connection with Avondale murder, brutal assault on landscaper,
A man was arrested in connection with a deadly fire in Avondale and a brutal assault and robbery against a landscaper.

Avondale police said that Gabriel Gutierrez was arrested on February 9 in connection with the murder of 24-year-old James Archuleta on February 7. He was gunned down near Archuleta, Dysart Road and Cold Water Plaza. He was later taken to a hospital where he died.

Gutierrez is also accused of beating and robbing 66-year-old Leopoldo “Polo” Gomez on February 4th.

Polo “works as a landscaper and was brutally attacked while working in an Avondale apartment complex.

“While the man is doing his job, he hits the back of his head with a 40-pound blower on his back and gets up and kicks him in the head trying to get the blower out, and his colleague Scott Shafer said the back of his head is down into the concrete.

Gutierrez is also accused of beating his ex-girlfriend before tying her up and setting her house on fire. According to court documents, Gutierrez carried out the attack after seeing a report on FOX 10 of Archuleta’s fatal shooting.