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Fred West Wiki – Biography

A British serial killer who committed at least twelve murders in Gloucestershire between 1967 and 1987, mostly with his second wife Rosemary West.

All victims were young women. At least eight of these murders involved Western sexual gratification and included rape, bondage, torture and mutilation; victims ‘mutilated bodies were buried in the cellar or garden of his home in Gloucester on Wests’ Cromwell Street, commonly known as the “House of Horror”. While Fred is known to have committed at least two murders on his own, Rose is known to have killed Fred’s stepdaughter Charmaine. The couple was arrested and charged in 1994.

Fred fatally drowned on January 1, 1995 while he was detained in Birmingham HM Prison, and was charged with nine murders and three murders along with Rose at the time. In November 1995, Rose was convicted of ten murders and sentenced to ten life sentences for the entire life. The first surviving child born to Frederick Walter Stephen West, Walter Stephen West (1914–1992) and Daisy Hannah Hill (1922–1968), Bickerton Cottage was born September 29, 1941 in Much Marcle, Herefordshire. Fred was from a poor family of farm workers, tightly knit and mutually protective; his father was a disciplinary and his mother was overprotective.
In 1946, the family moved to the Moorcourt Cottage on the Moorcourt Farm, where Fred’s father worked as a milking herd and harvester. The country house had no electricity and was heated by a wood-burning fireplace. In 1951 Fred’s mother gave birth to eight children, six of which survived, but Fred was always his mother’s favorite. She was seen as a mother child and relied mostly on her siblings for companionship.

Western children were expected to do the work assigned to them, and all six children were expected to do seasonal work; three girls were collecting hops and strawberries, three boys were harvesting wheat and hunting rabbits. The necessity of working to earn a living, even just surviving, but also cultivating a lifelong habit of petty theft instilled a strong work ethic in Fred.

Classmates remember Fred as messy, pale, lethargic, and regularly in trouble. Throughout his life, he was not very literate, but showed a flair for wood and art. He left school in December 1956 at the age of 15 and initially worked as a worker on the Moorcourt Farm.

Fred claimed that he was introduced to sex by his mother at the age of 12 because he had sex with animals in early adolescence, and his belief that incest was normal was due to his father’s incest with Fred’s sisters. Fred’s youngest brother, Doug, ignored these claims as Fred’s fantasy.

By 1957, Fred and his brother John had socialized frequently at a youth club near Ledbury, where his distinctive and instinctive Herefordshire accent marked him as a “country bum”. He aggressively harassed women and girls who he objectified as sources of pleasure to be used as he saw fit, and suddenly approached and caressed them. When a girl accepts her progress, she will not find her sexual performance satisfactory as her primary goal is to achieve her own satisfaction.

Fred bought a motorcycle shortly after his 17th birthday, and two months later, in an accident, a skull was broken, an arm was broken, and a leg was broken. He was unconscious for seven days and walked with braces for several months; Because of this incident, he developed an extreme hospital fear and became prone to tantrums. Two years later, Fred suffered a head injury when a girl groped at a fire exit outside Ledbury Youth Club punched him and knocked him twice.

In June 1961, Fred’s 13-year-old sister, Kitty, told her mother that Fred had raped and impregnated her since the previous December. Arrested the same month, Fred freely admitted to the police that he had harassed young girls since he was young and said, “Everyone doesn’t? Many of Fred’s family rejected him de facto, his mother kicked him out of the house and he moved to the house of Aunt Violet’s Much Marcle.

Fred West Criminal Record

Anne McFall Murder

In July 1967, McFall, 18 and eight months pregnant with Fred’s child, disappeared. It was never reported missing, but its fragmented remains were found buried in June 1994 at the edge of a cornfield between Much Marcle and Kempley. His limbs were carefully dissected, and many phalanx bones in his body were missing – possibly retained. as a souvenir; Fred initially denied killing McFall, but after his arrest, he told a visitor that She stabbed him after an argument. This description is inconsistent with the fact that he was found with fragments of a dressing gown wrapped around his wrists and suggests that he was restrained prior to the murder.

The following month, Rena returned to live with Fred, and the couple moved to Lake House Caravan Park. Their relationship initially improved, but Rena left the following year, again leaving the children under her custody. In those situations where Fred had no women to supervise and care for the girls, he temporarily placed them in the care of Gloucester social services.

Murder of Charmaine West

Rose is believed to have killed Charmaine shortly before Fred’s release from prison on June 24, 1971. Charmaine is known to take Anna Marie and Heather to visit Fred on June 15th. It is believed that Charmaine was killed on or shortly after. Forensic odontology confirmed that Charmaine died while Fred was in prison, as well as statements by Giles’ mother Shirley to confirm the fact that Charmaine was killed before Fred was released on June 24. Later, in her testimony at Rose’s trial, Shirley Giles stated that she and her family lived upstairs 25 Midland Road in 1971 and that her two daughters were playmates of Charmaine and Anna Marie. Shirley Giles said that after her family left the upper floor of Midland Road in April 1971, she brought Tracey to visit Charmaine one day in June, only to be told by Rose to Tracey: “She went to live with her mother and a bloody good salvation. ! ”Before Tracey started crying. Giles was adamant that Fred was still in jail on this occasion.

As with the Giles family, Rose told others that Charmaine was missing, claiming that Rena called and took her eldest daughter to live in Bristol; Charmaine informed staff at her primary school that the boy had moved to London with his mother. When Fred was released from prison on June 24, he calmed Anna Marie’s concerns about the whereabouts of her sister by claiming that her mother had picked up Charmaine and returned to Scotland. In her autobiography Out of the Shadows, when Anna Marie asked why her mother picked up Charmaine but didn’t take her, Fred replied, “You don’t want you my love. You’re the wrong color.

Charmaine’s body was initially stacked in the coal cellar of Midland Road until Fred was released from prison. She then buried his naked body in the courtyard near the back door of the apartment and remained determined not to tear it apart. A subsequent autopsy suggested that the body had been ruptured from the hip; This damage may have been caused by Fred’s 1976 construction work on the property. Several bones were missing in his skeleton – particularly the kneecap, finger, wrist, toe, and ankle bones – leading to speculation that the missing pieces were preserved as a souvenir. (This proved to be a marked discovery in all autopsies of victims exhumed in 1994).

The murder of Catherine “Rena” West

Rena had occasional contact with her kids every time she and Fred broke up. She is also known to have visited Moorcourt Cottage in the second half of August 1971 to find out where her children were and her well-being. Fred’s brother-in-law Christine later recalled that Rena was depressed and extremely worried about her children’s well-being. Rena, who provided Fred’s Midland Road address, tried to confront him, who would likely discuss or claim custody of his daughters. This was the last time Rena was seen alive. She is probably believed to have been killed in the back seat of Ford Popular, possibly as a result of drowning while drunk she is. When his body was discovered, a short metal tube was found with his remains, leaving an equal chance that he had been restrained and sexually assaulted prior to the murder. Rena’s body was largely dismembered, placed in plastic bags, and buried near a cluster of trees known as the Yewtree Coppice at Letterbox Field, about 1.6 km from Much Marcle.


Three months after the West’s assault case, the couple committed their first known murder. The victim was a 19-year-old boy named Lynda Gough, whom Fred and Rose had met through a male tenant in early 1973. Gough visited Cromwell Street regularly and entered into relationships with the two male tenants. She moved into her home on Cromwell Street on April 19th. On or around April 20, other tenants were told to leave the house after hitting one of their children. This story was repeated to his mother when he contacted the West to find out about Gough’s whereabouts.

When Gough’s dismembered body was found, the chin was completely wrapped with adhesive and surgical tape to silence his screams, and two small tubes were probably inserted into his nasal cavities for breathing. Long rope sections and knotted fabric sections were also found with their remains. Gough was probably hung in holes carved into wooden beams that supported the ceiling of the cellar. Fred later admitted that he had designed the bodies of his victims to be suspended, possibly due to drowning or suffocation. Missing five cervical vertebrae, patella, and multiple phalanx bones, her fragmented body was buried in an inspection pit below the garage.

Police and forensic experts concluded from their subsequent investigation that all the victims in the cellar on 25 Cromwell Street were killed in this place, and each one like Gough was dismembered in this place. Five victims were killed and buried in the cellar on Cromwell Street between November 1973 and April 1975. The first of these victims, 15-year-old Carol Ann Cooper, was abducted on November 10, 1973. Cooper lived in the Pines Children’s Home in Worcester. She and she were abducted after spending the evening at the movie theater with her boyfriend. When he disappeared, he was waiting for a bus in Warndon and was probably dragged into Fred’s car , where he had his face tied with surgical tape and his arms with knitted fabric before heading to Cromwell Street. At Wests’s address, Cooper was suspended from the wooden beams of the cellar ceiling prior to abuse and murder. As with Lynda, Cooper died of drowning or suffocation, before his body was torn apart and buried in a shallow, cubic grave in the basement.

Over the next 17 months, four victims between the ages of 15 and 21 suffered a fate similar to those experienced by Gough and Cooper, but the disadvantage made on each successive victim and the supplies found in each shallow grave made each victim likely more abused and abused than those previously killed. He was subjected to torture.

After the murder of 18-year-old Juanita Mott in April 1975, Fred covered the entire cellar floor with concrete. He later transformed this part of the house into a bedroom for his eldest children, and it is not known that he and his wife committed further murders until May 1978, when Fred – with or without Rose’s involvement, but certainly with his knowledge – was murdered. An 18-year-old tenant named Shirley Robinson. Robinson first met Fred in April 1977 at The Green Lantern cafe and bought Wests boarding the same month. She was seriously pregnant at the time of the murder. Although Rose, who was pregnant at the time, initially boasted of her neighbors, the child Robinson was carrying belonged to her husband; He soon developed a deep resentment against Robinson, and the reason for his murder was probably the removal of a threat to the stability of Western relations. His body is buried in the garden of 25 Cromwell Street. It was largely disintegrated, but no restrictive devices were found with these remains, creating a sexual motive for this murder. The unborn baby was removed and a few bones were missing. Shortly thereafter, Rose requested maternity benefit on behalf of Robinson in Gloucester social services, but failed. As with Charmaine and Lynda before, Fred and Rose calmed the doubts of anyone asking where Robinson was by claiming he had relocated to live with his father in West Germany.

It is known that the last murder of Fred and Rose was committed on August 5, 1979 for a definite sexual reason. The victim was a 16-year-old boy named Alison Chambers, who escaped from a local children’s home to become Westerner. Mid-1979 nanny. Chambers is believed to have lived in their own home for a few weeks prior to the murder, and Rose promised Chambers to live on a rural “peaceful farm” that she and her husband claimed to have. His body was also buried in the garden of Cromwell Street, near the bathroom wall, and although Chambers was likely dismembered, his skeleton was not marked with lines like the corpses of previous victims. To address the concerns of Chambers’ family (with whom he maintained regular correspondence), Fred and Rose later released a letter from the Northamptonshire mailbox written by Chambers to his mother prior to the murder.