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Emmy-winning production designer Evelyn Sakash was found dead at her home in New York on Tuesday . According to the Associated Press, Sakash was known as a “hoarder” and was found under a pile of rubbish. Evelyn was last seen in September 2020



Evelyn Sakash Age

. She was 66 years old

Evelyn Sakash Found Dead, Investigation & more Facts

A NYPD spokesperson confirmed that Evelyn Sakash was found dead on Tuesday at the age of 66 lying on the floor of her kitchen in her New York home. Sakash was found by her sister, Ellen Brown, who had hired a cleaning crew to vacate her house in Queens and search for her. Brown found Sakash with the cleaning crew around 4:15 pm.

Police said the medical examiner was working to determine Sakash’s cause of death, but officials do not suspect that the crime is at stake at this time. Sakash was known to be struggling with hoarding, but Brown said She didn’t want his sister to be remembered that way.  told the New York Daily News: “It was just devastating. She had a full life. She was extraordinarily talented. She was a brilliant mind… I didn’t want my sister to be remembered as she was.” This has clearly been in force for a long time. Sometimes it kept people away. The title says “Queens hoarder”, but that’s not it. “Brown added that he is the first to step in if his friends need help” and told him “very generous” and “I want them all” was the final testament and not that he was in a bad situation. ” Sakash was last seen live on 30 September 2020. and a missing report was issued.

Sakash with her sister Madeleine: “Evelyn’s sister, Ellen Brown, is paying out of her pocket to support the investigation resources of law enforcement. What can I do to help many of us?” Please consider donating to this Go Fund Me page so the rest of Ellen and Evelyn’s family can find the answers they desperately seek. With the cold weather on us, it’s more important than ever to find Evelyn and reunite with everyone who loves her. “Madeleine In an update yesterday, she wrote: “Evelyn’s favorite. Our beautiful sister Evelyn was found dead in her home yesterday, Tuesday, March 30th. No cause of death has been established at this time. Evelyn’s sister, Ellen Brown, has retained the cleaning company that found her and is now She also needs to plan for Evelyn’s funeral. I would like to double the Go Fund Me fundraising goal to $ 20,000 to help Ellen with those huge expenses. Please consider donating to Evelyn’s memory so that we can support Ellen and give her the kind, affectionate we live with. Let’s remember as a full and generous friend and sister and we will miss it. Thank you! ‘