Who Is Ethan Mast & Kourtney Aumen Wiki, charged with killing girl, Arrested, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Ethan Mast & Kourtney Aumen Wik (charged with killing girl)

Authorities said a 4-year-old girl from Missouri died after being tortured and beaten by her neighbors trying to save her from a “demon.” Ethan Mast, 35, and Kourtney Aumen, 21, were arrested at rural Cole Camp Monday after the girl’s father told Benton County lawmakers that he had been beaten and dived into a freezing pool the day before. According to a probable cause statement, a lawmaker found a 4-year-old boy covered with bruises from his neck to his feet and wrapped in a pink blanket at his home. The girl’s father, James Mast, told police sitting opposite the family that Ethan Mast and Aumen beat the boy for two weeks and threatened to shoot him if he interfered. According to court documents, the girl was attacked with a leather belt and then “plunged” into a pond at the back of a house as temperatures rose in the 40s. It was alleged that the girl’s mother, Mary Mast, was also severely beaten by the couple, as well as the 2-year-old son of James and Mary Mast. Sheriff officials said on Sunday that they were both taken to a hospital in Sedalia, where their wounds were healed. James and Mary Mast are not related to Ethan Mast. “I asked people how he could let his family do this, and he said they were told that [Mary Mast] had a ‘demon’ in it and if not looked after, their children would be just like him

. The boy’s father also said that, according to a possible reason statement, his wife said it would be a sin for them to help their children or themselves with the abuse allegation. Ethan Mast and Aumen admitted to beating the two children and Mary Mast in interviews with investigators on Saturday. Sheriff Eric Knox told OzarksFirst.com, “I know how bad this case is and that only … hearts of everyone involved are destroyed.” “People shouldn’t have to see this. They should never have to deal with it.” Knox added that he believed the suspects and victims belonged to the same church and that the tragic event was a “religious event”. It is not clear which church the families attended. Ethan Mast and Aumen, accused of second-degree murder, sexual harassment, and three first-degree assaults, are being held free before their next scheduled trial on January 5, OzarksFirst.com reports. As of Tuesda, they did not hire lawyers who could speak for themselves.

Ethan Mast Age

Ethan Mast, 35

Kourtney Aumen Age

Kourtney Aumen, 21,

 investigators arrived & Police Statement

According to local outlet KY3, investigators found the girl dead in her bedroom on arrival at the scene. “He was beaten all over,” Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox said to the exit. According to the release, her mother, Mary Mast (28), and her two-year-old son were also “severely beaten”. The sheriff’s department said on Sunday that the mother and the surviving child were transferred to a hospital “where they were recovering”. An investigation into the incident led to the arrest of the family’s neighbors Ethan Mast (35) and Kourtney Aumen, 21. It is unclear if there was any relationship between the boy’s father and Ethan. Both suspects were charged with second-degree murder, assault, and sexual harassment, according to online prison records. Both are held without bail. It is not clear whether they have lawyers. “This is an ongoing investigation, and there may be more charges pending for more people when we finish our investigation,” Knox told KY3. Still, he noted that the father was not a suspect. He said he believed the harassment might have been going on for weeks. Seeing a child in any kind of distress is terrible for first responders.

According to a press release from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, after receiving a phone call from the father of the murdered girl, lawmakers were transferred to a residence in Cole Camp shortly after 1:00 am on Sunday.

The release alleges that the man told them that their neighbors Ethan Mast, 35, and Kourtney Aumen, 21, had tortured and beat their little daughter and toddler son for several days. He also claimed that he and his wife were also tortured and beaten.

The man allegedly told the police that his daughter was “beaten with a leather belt” and then “dipped into a pond” before being left to freeze in the bank before being taken back to her place of residence.

When the deputies arrived, the little girl, whose identity was hidden, was dead.

ABC News reported that the girl was found wrapped in a blanket on the bedroom floor, and her entire body showed “severe purple bruising” and torn blisters.

It is not yet clear exactly when he died. The mother and son were transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The statement notes that the investigation is still “active” and “further arrests” are possible. Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox told ABC that the incident could be “a kind of honest-to-good religious affair,” and the accused said that the mother of the deceased girl was a “demon” and the boy would be like her. unless they interfere.

The father, who called the police, did not need medical assistance. He allegedly told investigators that he and his wife were watching the beatings. They said they were warned that if they tried to stop the attacks, they would be shot.