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An NHS hero nurse working in the coronavirus ward was brutally murdered by the estranged father of four children before taking his own life has been heard Esther Egbon, ex-Igie Erabor was discovered with his throat cut off in a nearby building, in eastern London, where it was discovered that he was almost decapitated behind his BMW.

Esther Egbon Age

She Was 30, And Ex- Lgie Erabor Is 36 Year Old.

Esther Egbon Nurse, Killed

Covid hero nurse was brutally murdered by the former during murder-suicide, leaving 4 children as orphans An NHS hero nurse working in the coronavirus ward was brutally murdered by the estranged father of four children before taking her own life, an investigation was heard.


At the trial, it was discovered that 30-year-old Esther Egbon’s four-year-old mother, 36-year-old Igie Erabor, was nearly decapitated two hours before the body was found in a nearby building.

The couple, who moved away, were each found with terrible wounds on their necks in Dagenham, east London, on Saturday 8 August last year.

Separate investigations into their deaths were held Monday at Walthamstow Coroner’s Court.

Mr. Erabor’s family said they were devastated by the tragedy that deprived them of access to “the four lovely children they both left behind”.

Detective Constable Laurence Dight told the investigation: “Based on my knowledge, I believe that my logical and reasonable conclusion caused Ms. Egbon’s own death after sadly and tragically taking her life.” isolated domestic murder suicide. ”

According to evidence from the police investigation, the day before the tragedy, Ms. Egbon searched for articles on her ex-spouse’s eligibility as a parent and the right to access children. The search history on her device shows that she’s investigating “what rights my ex has in relation to our children” and “ten factors used to determine whether a parent is eligible for custody in 2020”.

“Does mental illness mean you lose your child?” Mental health sites were also visited, including. and “The father of my children has mental health problems. How can I explain this to them?”

DC Dight said: “I believe this gives us a window into what he was thinking at the time.”

Addressing the matter again during Erabor’s investigation, he added: “I think this adds to the hypothesis that it was something that was addressed when they met on August 8.

“I think it’s reasonable to expect this topic or such headlines to cause anger or some kind of negativity between the two.”

Three days before his murder suicide, Mr. Erabor was caught on CCTV while buying a pack of handmade knives from a Poundland in Romford.

Mr. Erabor, living in Volkswagen Golf, walked to Ms. Egbon’s workplace on the morning of the tragedy and waited over an hour until she finished her shift.

The couple spoke briefly in the parking lot before Ms. Egbon took them to a street where they parked for about 40 minutes.

During this time, the CCTV couple shows the couple getting out of the car to sit in the back seat, which is Ms. Egbon’s last live view.

It was discovered shortly afterwards in the footwell of the abandoned car with the engine running.

“His current partner has made a number of attempts to call him right now, but has not responded,” DC Dight said.

An autopsy revealed “an open wound that almost completely surrounded the neck and partially cut off the head.”

Ms. Egbon also suffered cuts on her face, arm and leg and cut off her hands in open defensive wounds.

Minutes later, DC Dight said that her estranged husband was spotted entering Hawkwell House and attempting to break a window before using the handmade knife.

The investigation heard that Mr. Erabor called his cousin and said he would kill him, but did not mention his ex.

Reports presented as evidence for the investigation showed that allegations of domestic violence had previously been reported to social services by the children of the alienated couple, but they were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Senior judge Nadia Persaud recorded Ms. Egbon’s death as an illegal murder and Mr. Erabor’s death as a suicide.

The case has not been referred for domestic murder investigation, but the Home Office will make the final call.

Prior to the investigation, Egbon’s unrepresented family described him as an “extraordinary, kind and friendly” woman who “refused to be afraid of the coronavirus” when her ward began treating Covid-19 patients.

In a statement read by Coroner, in Mr. Erabor’s family statement, it was said: “Our brother was a wonderful father to his four children.