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Erika Lloyd, 37, went on a seven-hour trip to Joshua Tree National Park on June 14 last year. The Honda Accord was found damaged and abandoned at the edge of the park two days later. As Lloyd’s continued hope that his family was still alive, a wide-ranging search for one’s mother began. However, their hopes were dashed when, on January 31, hikers discovered human remains on a trail in Wonder Valley’s nearby area. Dental records now confirm that the remains belonged to Loyd; his cause of death is still under investigation,

It was confirmed that a California mother who disappeared after embarking on a “pandemic journey” died.

Erika Lloyd, 37, was last seen on June 14 last year when she set out from her home in Walnut Creek to Joshua Tree National Park for seven hours.

The mother’s disappearance sparked a large-scale search that ended on January 31 when they discovered human remains on a desert road in Wonder Valley, about 24km northeast of Joshua Tree.

Dental records confirmed that the remains belonged to Lloyd, and his family made a sad statement in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Lloyd’s brother Colin wrote: “We explain that the ruins are identified as Erika by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

“Almost 8 months have passed since Erika’s disappearance and we have been blessed by the numerous devoted and compassionate efforts of our community and family.”

It is unclear whether Lloyd faced a bad game or lost direction after taking a walk in Wonder Valley.

The black Honda Accord was found damaged and abandoned on June 16 on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park near the town of Twentynine Palms.

The front and rear windows of the vehicle were broken.

Colin Lloyd shared photos of a ‘garden of memories’ created near the site of Erika’s remains on Saturday.

Two crosses made of wood and stones in the form of love hearts were seen in the monument.

“Erika adored everyone; she left a bright smile in everyone’s heart; she would remind you of who you really are and how important and loved you are; she warmed her soul. Let’s keep her soul sincerely and let her work through us to serve others (what she would want us to do).” wrote Colin.

Lloyd’s parents – Wayne and Ruth – told KESQ that their daughter wanted to make a landscape change amidst the coronavirus lockout, so she decided to take the trip.

“Being locked in for almost three months, unable to work, and trying to get his son home to school – he was beginning to reach him,” Ruth said.

She added that her daughter might have felt ‘pressure’ because she had no income.

Last August, Ruth told the news network that Lloyd was looking after her 12-year-old son.

She was constantly asking where her mother was at that time.

‘Are you looking for my mother? Are you talking to people … So he misses him, Ruth said.

The cause of Lloyd’s death is still being investigated.