Who Is Erika Friman ? Wiki, Bio, Christian Aguilar’s Girlfriend & Pedro Bravo’s Ex & More Facts

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Christian Aguilar, 18, disappeared on September 20, 2012, in Gainesville, Florida, dispatching a huge pursuit exertion nearby. The University of Florida sophomore had been dating Erika Friman, the ex of his companion Pedro Bravo, and the case got known as the “Gainesville Love Triangle” after Aguilar’s body was discovered 22 days after the fact.

Bravo was captured and accused of his homicide before long the revelation of Aguilar’s skeletal remaining parts. Specialists contended that the youngster, who was focused on his ex Friman and incapable to continue forward after their separation, plotted his companion’s homicide in the wake of discovering that Friman had begun dating him. Friman has spoken about the case from that point forward and affirmed for the indictment during Bravo’s homicide preliminary, where he was seen as blameworthy of first-degree murder. As per the Miami Herald, at Bravo’s condemning, Friman said, “I’m eased. I’m extremely tired. It’s been a long two years however I feel like the weight has at last been taken off of us.”

Where is Erika Friman today?

She Graduated From the University of Florida and Has Said That She Believes Aguilar Was Her Soulmate After moving on from Santa Fe College, Friman went to the University of Florida, where she graduated in 2017 with a lone ranger in supportability contemplates, her LinkedIn profile shows. She presently functions as a contributor and commitment executive at the Heart of Florida United Way, a position she’s held since March 2020. In a meeting with ABC News, she said she thinks if Aguilar were as yet alive today, the two would be hitched. “I think we were perfect partners,” she told the power source. “You don’t anticipate losing your affection that youthful, and not in a particularly horrendous way… [but] toward the day’s end, when I think about this load of questions, I consider the amount Christian adored me, and that is somewhat what gets my through it.”

Friman Spoke About the Case and Described the Situation That Eventually Led to Aguilar’s Murder

Friman, Bravo and Aguilar had been companions since secondary school, having gone to Doral Academy Preparatory School together. Friman and Bravo started dating as sophomores in secondary school, she disclosed to ABC News however said when she was a senior their relationship was done working for her. Friman told the power source when she educated Bravo she needed to move back from the relationship he turned out to be exceptionally discouraged and was willfully ignorant.

“I felt like he nearly controlled me by then in my life, where he was similar to, ‘in the event that we do these things, we’ll never go back,'” she disclosed to ABC News. “I was truly worried that, I don’t have a clue, something awful would occur on the off chance that we enjoyed a reprieve.” Because of her interests, the two remained together all through the late spring of 2012 until she left for Gainesville to go to school.

She started dating Aguilar at some point in the wake of, disclosing to ABC News he made her “truly cheerful.” Bravo actually couldn’t acknowledge their separation, however, and Friman said she discovered he followed her to Gainesville and furthermore enlisted to Santa Fe Community College, where she was examining. She chose not to reveal to him she was dating his companion as she stressed it would “toss him over the edge.”

Friman said she got stressed over Aguilar’s whereabouts on September 20, 2012, when he didn’t answer his telephone hours subsequent to meeting Bravo. She disclosed to ABC News she was calling both young fellows for the duration of the evening and Bravo at last got, revealing to her the two got into a verbal contention as he was dropping him off. She said she got Bravo to go to the police with her to document a missing individual report however before long started to presume Bravo wasn’t revealing to her the entire story.

“It resembled bumping toward the rear of my head, Pedro more likely than not been included,” Friman told the power source. “It was nauseating, nearly, on the grounds that we knew him for such a long time, and Christian was his companion.”