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Who Was Emily Lewis? Wiki, Bio, Age, Died In Boat Crash, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Emily Lewis Wiki – Biography

A TEENAGE schoolgirl died in a “high-speed” boat accident after a captain crashed into a five-ton buoy and performed “one-handed acrobatics”, which is the heart of the questioning today.

Emily Lewis died of chest injuries after the Rigid Inflatable Boat crashed into a 15-foot-high buoy that the captain could not see.

Emily Lewis Age

She Was 15 Year Old

Emily Lewis Horrific Speedboat Crash, Investigation

A Marine Accident Investigation Branch report released today stated that ‘several safety practices’ were followed by the boat’s operators as it quickly made eight turns and narrowly missed a series of buoys.

Images showing the horrible moment when the boat hit the huge buoy after departing from Southampton, Hants on August 22 last year, was released for the first time today by MAIB.

The report said that the ship’s 11 passengers ‘got used to passing large navigation buoys at high speed’ and therefore ‘did not care’ that the RIB was heading directly to the buoy where it struck.

All passengers except one were injured, including broken limbs, broken vertebrae, dislocations, and a punctured lung.

Two of them were thrown into the sea from the Seadogz boat.

Sitting in a middle seat, Emily suffered a fatal chest injury after the tragedy.

Today’s MAIB interim report said the Seadogz captain performed a series of one-handed ‘high-speed maneuvers’, including eight turns up and down at Southampton Water before the 38.4 knot crash.

“Seadogz collided with the North-West Netley buoy because the RIB’s captain was focused on high-speed maneuvers near another ship and did not see the fixed navigational signal in time to take precaution.”

At 10:08 p.m. Seadogz crossed the Red Falcon, a car ferry sailing on the southeast route at Southampton Water.

“This gave the captain the opportunity to cross Seadogz and thus jump over the wake of the ferry.

“As Seadogz passed behind the Red Falcon for the fifth time, the RIB accelerated at 1011:09 and at 38.4kts (44.2mph) in a steady east direction for 10 seconds until the North-West Netley hit the starboard side of the hand buoy.

“The force of Seadogz’s head-on hitting lowered the buoy to an almost horizontal position and threw the RIB’s bow up.

“The impact and sudden deceleration forces caused everyone on board to be thrown forward violently from their seats.”

The report said the unnamed captain was ‘a highly qualified and experienced RIB driver, had local knowledge of Southampton Water, and had been working temporarily for Seadogz Rib Charter Ltd for over 8 years’.

The report added: “The investigation so far has revealed that voluntary safe working practices were little followed on the day of the accident and it is worrisome.

“Passengers are accustomed to crossing large navigation buoys at high speed during the voyage, so they were not worried that the RIB was heading directly to the North-West Netley buoy just before the collision, and so it was not so try to warn the captain.

“The high-speed eight-digit rotation increases the risk of the RIB snagging or spinning.

“The captain was working alone at high speed and did not see the navigation buoy directly ahead for 10 seconds before the collision.

“Crossing the ferry’s wake at high speed increased the risk of both passengers with spinal cord injuries and the RIB approaching a ship or object previously hidden from view by the ferry hull, leaving little time for the captain to react.”

“The execution of the Seadogz Experience Ride, held on August 22, 2020, was not an out-of-the-box example of such operations.”

MAIB said it has urged all commercial RIB operators to review the safety guidelines and will prepare a full investigation report in the future.

Andrew Moll, Chief Marine Investigator, said: “There are many aspects to this tragic accident, and MAIB’s investigation is ongoing.

“However, there are some lessons to be learned now that will help avoid a repetition this summer, so MAIB is publishing an interim report.

“What is worrying is that very few of the safe work practices at voluntary CoP are followed on the day of the accident.” These trips can provide excitement, fun and entertainment and are therefore popular.

“However, this terrible accident injured nine people seriously and tragically cost the life of a teenager.

“As the holiday season approaches, I would like to remind operators that they have a duty to take care of their passengers as well, and safety should not be compromised in pursuit of excitement.” Emily from Park Gate, near Southampton, was on the Seadogz speedboat with her mother Nikki, her father Simon, and her 19-year-old sister Amy, all of whom were injured.

Emily died tragically that day at Southampton General Hospital.

An investigation into his death will be heard at Hants, Winchester Coroner’s Court.



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