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                                             Brooke Buchler, Murder Case

Months after a Louisiana waiter was found dead, police reports reveal that he was killed because of what they knew about another crime.

Brooke Buchler, 25, was reported missing on August 22, 2020, then was found dead by a shanty in the former Navy Support Activity building in New Orleans the next day.


First You Need To Know These Facts
  • Investigators alleged that 25-year-old Brooke Buchler from Slidell, Louisiana, had spoken to several people of the rape on August 20, claiming she was raped by a man she knew.
  • Two men allegedly beat the accused rapist and responded to the allegations
  • The man managed to avoid the beating and got help for himself
  • On August 21st, the police went to St. Bernard claimed to be with two men at a hotel in Parish.
  • She was reported missing on 22 August. Buchler was found dead by a slum in the former Marine Support Activity building the next day.
  • Buchler was shot in the head and thrown into an abandoned Naval base.
  • Dylan Craddock, 27, and Cody Matthews, 33, were charged with second-degree murder at Buchler’s death.
  • Craddock and Matthews were also accused of kidnapping and attempted murder for beating a 27-year-old man, and were in custody.

Investigators said that the days before Buchler’s death, several people had been raped by a man She knew, and when She told them She had beaten the rapist badly by two. Buchler, a waiter from Slidell, Louisiana, was found on the floor with a shot in the head. According to the police report, a large metal pipe was attached to her hair, according to the police report, ‘When she was lying face down, the woman was unresponsive and there was blood on her face and right arm.’

The report also mentions a bloody handprint on the door frame where the victim was found.

Dylan Craddock, 27, and Cody Matthews, 33, were charged with second-degree murder in October with Buchler’s death. Both claimed not guilty and are temporarily preparing for separate hearings next month.

The police said the two men wanted to silence Buchler, knowing that they would beat a man they thought raped him almost to death. It is not immediately clear whether the victim of the beatings was the man Buchler accused of raping him.

The police said that Buchler was sent to St. Bernard claimed that he was with two men at a hotel in Parish the day before his disappearance.

“As a result of the allegation, Dylan Craddock and Cody Matthews violently beat [the man] inside Buchler’s apartment,” the police wrote, then moved him.

Authorities say the 27-year-old beaten victim was also stabbed before being thrown into a swampy area in Slidell. He managed to survive and go to the hospital, but they said he hadn’t cooperated with the police since his release.

It’s unclear why the man was at Buchler’s house. Slidell Police Department said the beating victim was an “acquaintance” of Buchler, but friends say they were in a short-term romantic relationship and stayed together.
Police said Craddock’s cell phone records showed him talking to Buchler on the morning of August 21 and was close to his location that same night.

The police say that the next morning she texted her mother and left her phone with her to form a witness.

But according to police, there were also photos of Craddock, Matthew and him in the abandoned building a week ago, suggesting they knew the building long before Buchler disappeared.

After Craddock and Matthews were arrested, the police telephoned from the prison and claimed that ‘Craddock was there when Buchler was killed’. It is also alleged that Matthews also sought immunity from the police in exchange for the location of the murder weapon.

Craddock and Matthews are also charged with kidnapping and attempted murder of the accused rapist who was not arrested or charged.
Craddock is held on the $ 1 million bond while Matthews is held on the $ 625,000 bond.

While both could be sentenced to mandatory life sentences if convicted of murder, attempted murder charges could sentence them to 50 years in prison. Kidnapping could sentence them up to 40 years in prison.

Buchler’s mother spoke of her daughter’s death after the funeral. Cristin Naquin told CBS 8, “ I don’t know if I know how important it is to so many people. ”

‘I think the people who came out stunned us,’ he added.

Brennan, a brother, said at the time that she was like a “second mother”. He said, ‘It’s just me, my mom and she’s at home and my mom was working.