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Who Is Dr. Sean Brooks ?

A man who portrayed himself as Dr. Sean Brooks, PhD, Oxford, gave a progression of combustible articulations about COVID-19 immunizations at what individuals who shared the video asserted was an Ohio educational committee meeting.

At a certain point in the video, which you can watch underneath, Brooks distinguished himself as “Dr. Sean Brooks, PhD, Oxford. I have 48 distributions including 23 books. I’ve contemplated wellbeing medication, life systems and physiology for around 21 years.” He told guardians and board individuals that individuals who take the immunization will wind up dead and clean. In any case, those suppositions are countered by logical examination and noticeable specialists, just as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who say the antibodies are protected and that taking them can assist with forestalling the flow COVID-19 spread that is topping off clinic beds all through the nation because of the Delta variation.

Dr. Sean Brooks PhD, Oxford, goes viral

The feature on the Bitchute video, which was posted on August 18, 2021, says, “Dr Sean Brooks at SW Ohio School Board Meeting: ‘Getting the Vaccine Will Cause your Death.'” It was posted on the page, TruthVideos1984.

Hefty connected with the Southwest Region of the Ohio School Boards Association for more data on the executive gathering and Brooks. We will add their remark in case it’s gotten. There is likewise a Southwest Local School District in Ohio. Weighty additionally contacted them for input. Web-based media remark authors have noted there is mostly secret about “Dr. Sean Brooks.” There is a creator named Dr. Sean M. Streams recorded on Amazon.com with a similar name, yet it’s not satisfactory whether he’s a similar individual. A “Dr. Sean Brooks Ph.D” who appears to be comparative has offered combustible remarks in recordings previously. Here’s one on Bitchute that says the visitor, a Dr. Sean Brooks with a PhD, spent his profession in the field of schooling, not medication. That video says Brooks has a four year college education from Miami University of Ohio and a graduate degree and PhD from Walden University. Miami University is situated in Oxford, Ohio, which would clarify the Oxford reference. A page on that college’s site about Dr. Sean Brooks distributing books does not exist anymore. We have connected with that Dr. Creeks, who lives in Oxford, Ohio, per online records, to affirm whether he is the man in the educational committee video.

On the web recording Quite Frankly, the host said that Dr. Sean Brooks would talk about the “risk of the training conveyance framework.” He said that Brooks instructed in center and secondary school and was a previous assistant teacher at Miami University in Ohio who composed five books on savagery, unprofessionalism and defilement in K-12 schooling. His most recent was designated, “Deliberate trickery within plan to communize and obliterate American k12 schooling.”

Here is the Dr. Sean M. Creeks associated with Miami University:

The writer page for that book states, “Dr. Sean M. Streams has spoken broadly and universally on the subjects of contention and brutality in school, educator training, instructor initiative, educational plan and guidance, homeroom the board, and opportunity and freedom in instruction. He holds three degrees in Education, including a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in learning, guidance and advancement. Dr. Streams is the writer of the books; Where the Finger Points, Violence Among Students and School Staff, The Mental and Emotional State of School-Aged Students, and The Origins of School Violence.”

The Dr. Sean Brooks’ alarm remarks in the Ohio educational committee video aren’t upheld by different specialists or logical examination. “Coronavirus immunizations remain commonly extremely safe generally speaking. The transition to stop inoculation is a straightforward and traditionalist choice in the setting of uncommon occasions—in a pandemic—and shows the devotion of the CDC and FDA to the wellbeing of all immunization beneficiaries,” said Beth Kirkpatrick, MD, Professor, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine. Her statement was one of the well-qualified assessments accessible through Sciline, which gives logical skill to writers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “Genuine incidental effects that could cause a drawn out medical issue are incredibly far-fetched following any immunization, including COVID-19 inoculation.”

CDC added: “Coronavirus inoculation will assist with shielding you from getting COVID-19. You might have some incidental effects, which are ordinary signs that your body is building security. These incidental effects might influence your capacity to do day by day exercises, however they ought to disappear in a couple of days. A few group have no incidental effects.” Side impacts are accounted for through the VAERS organization.

The CDC diagrams steps that are taken to guarantee immunization security, saying “The United States has the most secure, best antibody supply in its set of experiences. The country’s longstanding immunization wellbeing framework guarantees that antibodies are as protected as possible conceivable.” You can peruse those means here. They incorporate clinical preliminaries and post-licensure wellbeing contemplates.

“Coronavirus antibodies are protected and viable,” says the CDC. “A large number of individuals in the United States have gotten COVID-19 antibodies under the most extraordinary security observing in U.S. history. CDC suggests you get a COVID-19 antibody straightaway.”

Passings are uncommon, as are opposite incidental effects. “Reports of death after COVID-19 immunization are uncommon. In excess of 357 million portions of COVID-19 antibodies were directed in the United States from December 14, 2020, through August 16, 2021,” the CDC reports. “During this time, VAERS got 6,789 reports of death (0.0019%) among individuals who got a COVID-19 immunization. FDA requires medical care suppliers to report any passing after COVID-19 immunization to VAERS, regardless of whether it’s hazy whether the antibody was the reason. Reports of unfriendly occasions to VAERS following inoculation, including passings, don’t really imply that an antibody caused a medical condition.”


In the video, Brooks made a progression of alarming articulations. In any case, know, as indicated over, that a considerable lot of his cases are not upheld by different specialists or the CDC.

“Dr. Robert Malone who made the courier RNA antibody has said nobody ought to at any point take these punches ever under any conditions at all,” he said. “He made it and he says absolutely never do it. Allow me to disclose what will happen to individuals who have taken it. Individuals who have taken it will bite the dust in the following a half year to 3 to 5 years for three reasons.” (Here’s an article in the Atlantic that clarifies more about Malone and immunizations. It says, to a limited extent, “Regardless of whether Malone truly thought of mRNA antibodies is an inquiry presumably best passed on to Swedish prize boards of trustees, however you could put forth a defense for his inclusion… Malone might keep organization with immunization doubters, yet he demands he isn’t one himself. His issues with the Pfizer and Moderna shots need to do for the most part with their sped up endorsement measure and with the public authority’s framework for following antagonistic responses. Talking as a specialist, he would likely suggest their utilization just for those at most elevated danger from COVID-19.”)

He then, at that point asserted, “Number 1. You’ve significantly diminished your own safe framework by 35%. The principal hit did it by something like 15

The second did it by 35. In the event that you make any promoter effort, you will pass on that is it. In the event that you make an influenza effort later on, you will pass on. The second explanation immunizer subordinate improvement is what’s going on with these punches with every individual who has taken them, except if obviously you’ve taken a fake treatment yet it’s absolutely impossible that you’d realize that.”

He proceeded, “So given that reality immunizer subordinate improvement fools the whole body into accepting that the cell that is eating the microbe is eating it when it isn’t. It winds up prompting what is known as a cytokine storm that is causing organ disappointment, that will cause your passing and there’s no halting that, no measure of medications will stop that. The third thing, blood thickening. Every individual who is taking the hits is blood coagulating.”

He further asserted, “They’re removing full blood clusters of individuals right now as I’m conversing with you. Millions have kicked the bucket from the pokes. In your last gathering you pushed for individuals to take the pokes possibly in the future alongside wearing veils. I heard guardians express exactly the same things. So to with the guardians really thinking about punching their own youngsters, you will disinfect them forever. Individuals who have taken the hits are disinfected, 80% of ladies who have been hit have lost their youngsters in the principal trimester. You can’t have children.”

Streams additionally guaranteed, “Likewise infusing yourself with what might be compared to HIV you can now at this point don’t breastfeed, give blood, give organs, give blood plasma or bone marrow. On the off chance that you don’t trust me attempt to give blood a lot plasma and discover what occurs; you will be denied, except if obviously you live in California where they’re permitting individuals to give poisonous blood with spike proteins in it. Thejabs make spike proteins. They’re in the actual punches. They’re made by snapping your RNA into equal parts. You’re as of now not a human any longer, you’re something different. You’re helpless to innumerable infections.”

He further asserted: “This is what will occur in the future rapidly. I don’t have a clue which level of your staff has taken the pokes, yet your schools is going to close. They won’t open. They will become sick and pass on. That will occur in the entirety of your structures. It’s as of now occurring, best of luck since nothing can stop this.”