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Douglas Austin Jensen Wiki – Charged

Doug Jensen is a man from Iowa who faces federal charges for his role in the Capitol riot on January 6. Jensen was identified as the man who was recorded following a police officer inside the Capitol building, which he followed behind by the protester gang. .

Doug Jensen Arrested Police Investigation Reports

The Metropolitan Police shared a series of photos from inside the Capitol Building and asked the public to help identify those involved in the chaos. Jensen reposted one of the photos he appeared in, saying “Do you like my shirt?” Jensen’s former employer at Des Moines also confirmed his identity on KCCI-TV, adding that Jensen was fired on January 8th.

According to the Associated Press, Jensen was arrested and taken to the Polk County Prison.


Huffington Post political reporter Igor Bobic was among the reporters in the Capitol who documented the chaos that occurred as protesters invade police and walk through the building. One of the videos showed the man who was later identified as Jensen as the crowd went up the inner stairs. Jensen was a man with a sweatshirt with a QAnon shirt on his head and a sock cap on his head.

Bobic highlighted the video, “Here is the terrible moment when the protesters entered the building from the first floor and out of the Senate room.” The clip has been viewed more than nine million times.

The clip begins with Bobic going down the stairs to see what’s going on below. Policeman Eugene Goodman was standing inside the doorway asking the crowd of people to step back. But the crowd led by Jensen ignores the order and rushes forward. The officer takes what looks like a baton and repeats the request for the group to stay behind, but they do not listen and continue walking up the stairs. As Goodman climbs the stairs to the second floor, Jensen seems to be running after him. It is unclear what Jensen said to Goodman because of the many voices calling each other in the video.

When they reach the second floor, Goodman tells Jensen to go back again and gently pushes Jensen’s right shoulder. But the crowd continues to move, and the clip ends with a few other officers standing in front of the crowd. Someone in the crowd is heard shouting “We are here” and “This is our America”. Jensen made no effort to hide his identity after the Capitol rebellion. Police in Washington, D.C. posted photos of what was inside the Capitol and described them as “people dealing with crimes related to unrest.” Metropolitan Police offered a $ 1,000 reward for information that led to the arrest and indictment of those involved in the raids on the Capitol.

The document included at least two photographs of Jensen standing on the same spot but taken from different angles. Jensen shared a photo from his Twitter account twice in replies to others on January 7. Jensen responded by writing “I…” next to the photo distributed by the police to an account that has since been suspended. About 90 minutes later he asked two of his friends “Do you like my shirt?”

Other Twitter users tagged the FBI in response to Jensen’s tweets, and several mockingly thanked Jensen for introducing himself to law enforcement.

In the weeks leading up to the rally in D.C., Jensen tweeted his support for President Trump and the QAnon conspiracy. On November 12, “I’m ready for another 4 years !!! I’ll do whatever it takes.” The day before Jensen tweeted “WWG1WGA”, a QAnon rally that means “wherever we go,” according to CBS News.

On December 26, Jensen replied to Trump and said, “We’re ready. I tried to prepare all my close friends and family. ”

Jensen’s older brother, William Routh, spoke to the Associated Press on Jan. 6 about Jensen’s involvement. Routh told the news agency that he insisted his brother did not force him to enter Parliament. According to Routh, Jensen said he was allowed in and was “shown around even to take pictures with officers”.

Routh said in a statement to the AP that Jensen expressed concerns for the future of the United States if President Trump loses his re-election. He has been a good man all his life. He is a family man. But he is like many other patriots, ”said Routh. “For the last seven, eight months, we have been told that if the Democrats take control, we will lose our country. OK. This scares a lot of people. ”

Routh is married and has two children, according to his wife’s Facebook page. An online study shows that Jensen and his wife bought their home in Des Moines, Iowa in 2004.

Jensen lost his job two days after the Capitol riot. He was a worker at Forrest & Associate Masonry in Des Moines.

Company chairman Richard Felice told KCCI-TV that Jensen had been working for several years but decided to terminate his position after the company’s actions in Washington, DC Felice said that Forrest & Associate Masonry did not support Jensen’s decisions in January. 6 and Jensen decided to fire him after being identified from photos.

Before the TV channel was arrested, he tried to contact Jensen on Facebook. A reporter requested an interview, but Jensen replied, “You’re a fake news”, according to a screenshot of the Facebook message.

The Des Moines Police Department assisted the FBI when they arrested Jensen at his home on January 8, the Associated Press reported. The Des Moines Register, Sgt. Ryan Evans reported that Jensen was taken to Polk County Prison around 1 am on January 9.

Jensen’s name did not appear in the search for Polk County Prison because, as the sheriff’s office explains on the website, “Federal convicted prisoners are not listed.” However, Jensen’s name and criminal photo show up in Vinelink, the national database of current prisoners.