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Donald Tober Wiki

According to the New York Post, Donald Tober was the CEO and co-owner of Sugar Foods, who died on Friday from the 11th floor of the $ 10 million luxury Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan just before dawn.  The man who made Sweet’N Low artificial sweetener a staple at restaurants across America has committed suicide.Donald Tober was 69 years old when he died. Tober’s exact net worth has not been made public. However, Sugar Foods had an annual revenue of $ 286 million in 2018.

Donald Tober Died Investigation Reports

Investigators believe Donald Tober jumped around 5 am. His body was found a few hours later in the courtyard of the luxurious Upper East Side complex. Sources told the Post that he was battling Parkinson’s disease.Donald Tober’s father, Harry, founded the company in 1948. Graduated from Harvard Law School, Tober joined the company in the 1970s, helping the company transform into a multi-million dollar business.

Sugar Foods has become renowned for distributing condiments, snacks and sweeteners in bright packs to restaurants and hotels around the world. However, the company was best known for distributing Sweet’N Low, an artificial sweetener known for its distinctive pink packaging. According to Restaurant News magazine, in the mid-1990s 80 percent of food establishments in the US were using Sweet’n Low. Tober was behind the pressure to place the artificial sweetener in restaurants around the world. Steve Odell, president of Sugar Foods, once said “Don had something to do with turning Sweet’N Low into a household name like everyone else does with a product.” “Every Sweet’N Low package sold today can be traced back to a single sales call that he possibly made, or at least he was part of.” More than 500 billion Sweet’N Low packages have been produced worldwide. Sugar Foods no longer distributes Sweet’N Low, but it is still one of the leading food production companies in the country. The company currently employs 800 people in the US and Mexico, and Tober was still working as CEO. He previously served as Vice President of the Culinary Institute of America.