Who Is Dominic Escalera ? Wiki, Bio, Charged, Connection With Three Murder & More Facts

Dominic Escalera Wiki – Dominic Escalera Biography

Who Is Dominic Escalera ?

A New Jersey man is charged in connection with three hired murder plots, including an alleged offer of drugs to an undercover cop in exchange for killing his ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Dominic Escalera has been held at the Lehigh County Jail for $500,000 since February, when he was arrested on charges of incitement to murder, possession of illegal firearms, possession of unlicensed firearms, possession of stolen goods and illegal weapons. shield, body armor.

Dominic Escalera Age

He Is 37 Year Old.

Dominic Escalera Murder Charged, Investigation & More Facts

You Need To Know

  • Dominic Escalera, 37, faces government murder-for-recruit and weapons charges originating from claims he attempted to get two individuals killed
  • Escalera was captured in February in Pennsylvania for purportedly attempting to recruit secret trooper on Valentine’s Day to kill his ex
  • Escalera purportedly offered trooper 150 Ecstasy pills as installment for killing
  • Every one of the three bombed hits were to occur between January 28 and February 17, 2021

Now, federal prosecutors say Escalera used a cell phone to plot the murders of two other people between January 28 and February 17 in exchange for cash and drugs.

Escalera was indicted by a grand jury this week for murder for hire and possession of a firearm.

According to a court documents

Escalera utilized a cellphone and went from Newark, New Jersey, to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to mastermind the homicides of two individuals, distinguished exclusively by their initials M.R. furthermore, A.R., and consented to pay a contract killer with money and medications.

‘These charges are an admonition to anybody believing that sales of manslaughter is an answer for your issues: This is certainly not a game,’ expressed Acting United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams. ‘In the event that you attempt to employ somebody to submit murder, you will confront a forceful government examination and intense charges.’

Escalera was captured on February 17 at the Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where police said he intended to be during the attack on his ex in a bid to build up his plausible excuse.

As indicated by a criminal grievance refered to by WMFZ, in January 2021, an analyst with the Allentown Police Department had dispatched an examination concerning a supposed plot by Escalera to employ a contract killer to kill his ex, who had gotten a security request against him prior that month, guaranteeing misuse and a dread for her wellbeing.

During the examination, a secret trooper with the Pennsylvania State Police was speaking with Escalera, claiming to be a future assassin.

Escalera purportedly offered the trooper 150 Ecstasyp ills as installment for either attacking or killing his ex. The suspect additionally supposedly consented to give a firearm, a .44 type Ruger.

At the point when Escalera and the counterfeit professional killer met face to face, the presume gave the trooper a photograph of the objective and her personal residence, and gave him the weapon and ammo, the archive expressed. As per the objection, Escalera and the trooper then, at that point drove past the ex’s home prior to making a beeline for the gambling club, where the man was captured a brief time frame later wearing body protective layer.

Under addressing, Escalere purportedly confessed to paying the Ruger off the road and consenting to pay the trooper in Ecstasy.

Escalera had a criminal history, which remembered feelings for medication and attack charges in 2006 and 2017.

Whenever sentenced for the new government represents a mark against him, Escalera could look as long as 30 years in jail, three years of regulated delivery and a $750,000 fine

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