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Who is Dolal Idd? Wiki, Bio, Age, Shot, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Dolal Idd Wiki

Bayle Gelle of Eden Prairie told the Star Tribune on Thursday that the man who died was her old son, Dolal Idd. Gelle told the newspaper that the authorities did not provide any further information about what happened to her. He said several officers had issued a search warrant at his home Wednesday night.

Dolal Idd Age

He was 22 years old.

Investigation (Shot By Police)

According to a report, it was determined that Dolal Idd was shot dead by the Minneapolis police on Wednesday while the traffic stopped.

Body footage is expected to be released on Thursday, which could show what caused the shooting. Minneapolis police said an officer shot the man fatally around 6:15 pm. During a traffic stop at a Holiday gas station near 36th Street East and Cedar Avenue.

Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said the man was killed after being “shot across.” Elder told reporters that the police suspected a man of a serious crime, although he had not specified what kind of crime it was. Chief Medaria Arradondo later said that witnesses saw the man shoot at Minneapolis police.

A woman was not injured in the vehicle next to her. No police officers were injured.

Arradondo said he plans to release the body footage on Thursday late Wednesday.

“I want our communities to see this so they can see it themselves,” Arradondo said, “We can go from there.”

The Minnesota Criminal Detention Agency is investigating the death. The agency will provide more information about the incident and identify the relevant officers after talking to them.

Arradondo also sought patience from the community as researchers gathered evidence and said his department would preserve the right of people to assemble freely but that we “cannot allow destructive, criminal behavior.

Shortly after the incident, the police taped the gas station, diverting traffic out of Cedar Avenue. Neighborhood residents and protesters soon began to gather and shut down nearby streets with vehicles. Most of the crowd shouted anti-police slogans. Some confronted officers stationed around the gas station, where investigators gathered evidence of the shooting.

The gas station where the man was killed is about a dozen blocks from what protesters call “George Floyd Square.” Some protesters came directly from the occupation of this intersection.

While the tone of the protests was angry, there was no violence against the public, neither by the protesters nor the police. Protesters were playing music and chanting from loudspeakers mounted on a minibus. They warmed themselves around a bonfire in the middle of the roundabout. Just before midnight, the van caused most of the remaining protesters to close Cedar Street, and the others later dispersed on their own. No arrests were reported on the site.

On Thursday morning, the scene of the shooting was relatively quiet, although some candles remained hanging from the police strip and the memorial service.

The police officers involved in the conflict were part of a “community response team” that Elder said was investigating recent car abductions in the city.

Car kidnappings, shooting and murder have sprung up significantly in the city since last year. The number of murders reached levels not seen in nearly 25 years.

36th and the shooting at Cedar took place more than seven months after officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee around George Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes. Floyd’s death sparked peaceful daytime protests and nights of looting and arson in the Twin Cities. Hundreds of buildings were damaged, including the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third District building, which was set on fire.

Chauvin and three other officers were fired and charged with murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s murder. Trials will begin in March.

In the weeks following Floyd’s death, Minneapolis City Council members announced plans to overhaul the police force or, as one council member put it, to end the police system “as we know it”.

The council sent a proposal to the city’s constitutional commission allowing voters to decide whether the police department’s money should be abolished, distributed, and replaced by another agency. In November, when the status commission decided to devote more time to consider this issue, no proposal could be made at the polls.

This did not prevent the council from making changes in the police department. During the 2021 budget, the council cut about $ 8 million from the police and shifted it to non-law enforcement violence prevention programs and initiatives.

Dolal Idd Family Biography

Bayle Gelle of Eden Prairie said her parents believed her son was “sitting in his car” when he was shot by the police – he contested the allegation that the police first shot at police officers. Gelle said she was particularly disturbed by the family’s behavior when the police appeared at the family home with a search warrant hours after the incident. Authorities have not officially disclosed the man’s identity yet. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said at the briefing that the officers tried to pull the man’s car and responded when he fired at the police. Bayle Gelle told reporters on Thursday (December 31st) that his son was shot dead near the place where he was shot (a Holiday gas station on the south side of town) and is waiting for more details on what happened. This is the first murder by Minneapolis police since George Floyd’s death on May 25, less than a mile away. “We need justice,” Gelle said. Gelle announced that on Wednesday night the officers came to the family’s house and issued a search warrant. “They were shouting loudly, there were at least 20 men,” Gelle said, not specifying which agency was involved. “They were pushing us down, screaming and” Don’t move. “


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