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Diego Stolz Wiki – Murder Case, (Two teenagers who beat their Classmate)


13-year-old Diego Stolz was punched repeatedly in September 2019 at Landmark Secondary School in Riverside, California. He fell and his head hit a pole during the attack, lost consciousness and was declared dead nine days later. 14-year-old children whose names cannot be identified ‘admitted’ on charges of manslaughter A judge detained them and returned them to their parents’ custody. The couple will need to go through 150 hours of community service, enroll in therapy, and participate in a character development program.

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Two California teens who confessed to beating and killing their classmates were sentenced to parole.

In September 2019, teens attacked 13-year-old Diego Stolz in the garden of Landmark Middle School.

Cell phone video showed Stolz being punched repeatedly before he fell and hit his head against a column. The 14-year-old children, whose names could not be identified, ‘accepted’ on charges of unintentional manslaughter.

On Friday, he was returned to his parents’ custody. According to the Press-Enterprise newspaper, a judge ruled on Friday that the couple should enter 150 hours of community service, enroll in therapy, and participate in a character development program.

At the time of his verdict, Judge Roger A Luebs of the Riverside County Supreme Court rejected the Probation Service’s recommendation for a prison sentence.

He said that, according to Atılgan, he should by law impose the least restrictive sentence on juvenile defendants, but still make sure they were rehabilitated.

These kids don’t have enough experience in empathizing enough. You are not the center of the world and you have to start to understand this, ‘Leubs said at the time of his decision. According to the Press-Enterprise report, a cell phone video shot by another student caught teenagers punching Stolz repeatedly.

One of the young people hit Stolz in the head in the back, causing him to fall, and his head hit a pillar and lost consciousness.

Although Stolz was now lying still on the floor, the two teenagers continued to punch him.

According to Press-Enterprise, he never regained consciousness and was announced dead nine days later. Stolz’s family filed an unjust death case against the assailants and the Moreno Valley Unified School District.

They claimed that Landmark’s Deputy Director, Kamilah O’Connor, was told that children had bullied Stolz days before the incident, Press-Enterprise reported.

The family claims that O’Connor promised to take the kids away from school, but they were at school on the day of the attack.

A month and a half after the violent beating, O’Connor and Principal Scott Walker were replaced.