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Derek Seekings Wiki –  Arrest

According to the court, 66-year-old Derek Seekings was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Wednesday after inflicting “severe psychological harm” on his victim. The woman said in a statement that the trial process was “sad”. She said: “I’m nervous when one of the phone numbers I don’t know or someone is unexpectedly at the door.” The searches, who served with the Surrey Police until 2005, were convicted of two rape charges. Both attacks took place in Surrey between 1994-2000 against the woman who could not be named for legal reasons.


Prosecutor Jennifer Gray said: ‘An obvious aggravating factor was that the defendant was a police officer serving at the time.’ Earlier in the trial, Ms. Gray told the jury that one of the alleged rapes occurred while Seekings took a break. She said: “She made it clear to her that she didn’t want to have sex with her, she went on no matter what and she raped her.” The prosecutor said the woman was ‘very sorry for what happened’. At the trial, it was heard that Seekings had been suspended from duty for several months and had been downloaded to the PC in the late 1990s following a car accident that led to a driving conviction. Judge Stephen Mooney told Seekings: ‘As a former police officer, I admit that the prison will be difficult, both in terms of current conditions.’ Surrey Police, although Seekings from Hampshire, Farnborough, who retired after 32 years of service, was actually prosecuted for seven rape charges, his indictment was later reduced to two.