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Who Is David Dwayne Anderson? Wiki, Arrested, Murder Charged, Age, Bio, Many More Facts You Need To Know

David Dwayne Anderson Wiki

David Dwayne Anderson Arrested in Cherry Hills Village for Murder of Sylvia Quayle |
Forty years after he was killed in a woman’s home in Cherry Hills Village, police arrested a suspect. David Dwayne Anderson, 62, is accused of murdering Sylvia Quayle.

Her father found his body on the morning of August 4, 1981. She had been sexually abused, stabbed and shot. He was 35 years old at that time,

The Cherry Hills Police Department brought together Mitch Morrissey on United Data Connect to do genetic research.

Investigators retrieved single-source DNA that was found at the crime scene and had been sequenced.

“After sorting, we uploaded this data to two different public open source websites: Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch. And then we started connecting people related to the person we were looking for, ”explained Morrissey.

Morrissey said there were more than 3,300 people in the “tree” they looked at, and it took a tremendous effort to reduce that to a suspect.

“It’s an extensive background study, we use DNA for this, we use all kinds of newspapers, we use public records, we learn about these people and with whom they are related, and we finally get it down to a single suspect,” Morrissey said. Anderson was arrested in Nebraska on February 10 and is expected to be sent back to Colorado to face the charges. Anderson faces two first-degree murders. One claims Quayle was killed after being argued; the other claims that he was killed for another crime.

Morrissey said he wanted to investigate the case because he wanted justice.

“When I read this case and realized that his father had found it the way he was abandoned after he was brutally murdered,” Morrissey said at a news conference Thursday. “As the father of a young woman of this age, I can imagine having such a morning.”

“I know he’s not here, and for me it’s part of the hardest part of solving 40-year-old cases, and now we’ve solved a lot of them, some of the people who want answers need to be shut down. They don’t understand. Because they’re gone,” Morrissey said.

“I am proud to tell Sylvia’s sister and brother-in-law that the men and women in our department have been waiting for the opportunity to make this announcement for almost 40 years,” Cherry Hills Village Police Chief Michelle Tovrea said.

“My thoughts are with my family, we can only try to understand the deep pain and feeling of loss you are experiencing,” Tovrea said. “I’m glad there is a way forward to seek justice in his death.”


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