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Who Is Darrell House (Native American man) ? Wiki, Bio, Instagram, Facebook, Park in New Mexico, Many MOre Facts You Need To Know

Darrell House (Native American man) Wiki

Native American man Darrell House was tased after going off the designated trail at a national park in New Mexico ,

Native American who says he was unfairly targeted by a national park ranger while walking his dog in Arrell House, New Mexico. House, who describes himself as a Marine Corps veteran, shared a video on Instagram showing that the ranger hit him with a taser. The clash took place on 27 December at the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque. The National Park Service told KRQE-TV that the department’s interior department was investigating the incident and that the agency “took any allegations of wrongdoing very seriously and appreciated the patience of the people in gathering the facts of this incident.

Darrell House Age


Darrell Said Walked Off the Trail to Ensure Social Distancing as a Larger

House visited the national park with his sister and little dog Geronimo on December 27. He explained to KRQE-TV that while walking on the Piedra Mercado trail, he noticed a larger group of people approaching from the other direction. House said that in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he decided to get off the trail to maintain social distance and leave more space for the larger group on the road.

There was a park keeper nearby and ordered the House to return to the established trail. House said he fulfilled the village guard’s request, but later refused to provide any identification when the village guard asked.

House recorded the first change and shared it on Instagram. In the clip, the village guard explains that he will be arrested for refusing to reveal his identity. House says to the guard “You won’t touch me, sir” before the short video ends. House explained his reasoning in the title of the long video: “I didn’t need to define myself as I did nothing wrong at all.

Park Ranger Ordered House to Put His Hands Behind His Back

The nearly five-minute video, recorded by House’s sister, has been viewed thousands of times on his Instagram account. The video begins with the park ranger moving towards House as he turns the taser in his direction. House, his sister repeatedly said, “Why are you doing this?” He is heard screaming while asking.

The ranger places the taser after asking House to tell his sister to put the dog down. House told KRQE-TV that taser’s shock caused him to fall to the ground and drop his dog. House added that his dog also felt the shock caused by taser.

In the clip, House screams in pain and rolls on the floor after being hit with a taser. The ranger approaches him and asks to see House’s hands as the man continues shouting. The Ranger seems to be repositioning the taser while House is on his knees, prompting House to put his hands in front of his body as if to protect himself. The Ranger makes a move to handcuff House, but House walks away and insists he has nothing.

The next few minutes consisted of the ranger constantly asking House to put his hands behind him and sit down. House continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong and has nothing. The Ranger threatens to use taser again if House does not comply. At one point, House raises both of his arms and shouts to help someone else in the park. This man hurts me! He’s kidding me! ”

Finally, a second ranger came and was holding a taser. The house finally sits as desired; her sister is heard telling her to follow the instructions off camera. She asks why she was being arrested. The village guard explains that he was not arrested because he refused to reveal his identity card, he was arrested and that the second guard would handcuff him. The ranger said, “If you resist, I will piss you off. Do you understand that? “House does not resist and the video ends as the ranger walks towards House’s sister to ask if she has an ID on

House wrote in the title of his Instagram video that his ancestry includes Navajo and Oneida ancestry, but he often visits the national monument to “pray and talk to my Pueblo Ancestors”. House also explained to KOB-TV that he was moving away from typically designated paths to meditate and pray near rocks.

House expressed his confusion regarding the confrontation with the park keeper. I did not hurt anyone. I did not hurt anyone. I was not disorderly. House said I didn’t use any substance. This has been going on for years. I exercise my religious rights in the land of my ancestors. ”

House also told NBC News that he grew up with a reservation and had not previously had any problems with law enforcement near hiking trails.


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