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Although not much information has been published about Meng, She is known to be 64 years old. He fell victim to Montoya from Monterey Park, who is thought to have a “temporary” background in drugs and the law. “We will try to investigate [the suspect’s] drug addiction history and his mental health history,” he said, and officials said, “we will not close the door to anything.”

Darlene Stephanie Montoya Murder Charged, Investigation & More Facts

Stephanie Montoya is a homeless suspect accused of stabbing and murdering a woman who walked her two dogs in Riverside, California. Police said the attack that took place on April 3 seemed random.

It was determined that the victim was 64-year-old Ke Chieh Meng. She was hospitalized following the attack, but later died of her injuries. Riverside Police said that 23-year-old Montoya was arrested for a separate attack on March 30. However, she was released “due to the current emergency bail program during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Riverside Police said victim Ke Chieh Meng walked her two dogs on Golden Avenue in the La Sierra neighborhood of Riverside on the morning of April 3. in the area.

Paramedics and police officers found Meng on the sidewalk. He had been stabbed several times and was bleeding from the stomach. It was later announced that She died in a hospital.

Riverside Police announced in a news release that the first evidence showed Montoya randomly assaulted Meng before fleeing the scene. Investigators did not speculate whether the two women had seen each other before or whether the two had spoken to each other that morning.

The Washington Post reported that a surveillance camera from a neighbor’s house had recorded Montoya walking towards Meng, but it was unclear if the camera caught the knife. Montoya was arrested approximately 30 minutes after the officers responded to the attack. Riverside Police said the dispatch center had received phone calls from neighbors who saw Montoya walking through their gardens. Police said the callers described Montoya as “suspect”.

The police caught Montoya without incident. Records from Riverside County Prison show that he was arrested at 8:05 am on April 3, and was formally booked about 10 hours later.

Montoya is denied. She faces charges such as second-degree murder, gun violation and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

The prisoner records do not list an attorney who could speak on behalf of Montoya. A court date is scheduled for April 7 at the Riverside Courthouse. Montoya assaulted another woman on skateboard days ago, according to police
Riverside Police officers arrested Montoya just five days before the fatal attack. The department said Montoya was arrested on March 30 at “Tyler Avenue 91 Highway overpass.”

Montoya was accused of attacking another woman with a skateboard. The Associated Press reported that the victim in this case was white, citing police.

The police said Montoya was jailed. However, she was released and ordered to return for a future trial. Police said Montoya was allowed to go free due to current regulations that came into effect during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Washington Post newspaper, Meng’s family wants more information on why the police released Montoya. Policeman Says Montoya Is Clearly Having Mental Health Problems
Riverside Police said Montoya was originally from Monterey Park in Los Angeles County. Golden Avenue at Riverside is about 72 km from Monterey Park.

The department described Montoya as “temporary” in its news release. However, the researchers did not provide any further information about travel habits or whether Montoya has friends or family at Riverside.

Police believe the attack on Meng was random and “could have happened to anyone”, according to NBC Los Angeles. Officer Ryan Railsback told the TV station that the preliminary investigation showed Montoya “clearly suffers from mental health and substance abuse issues”.

Police Say Victim’s Race Was Not a Factor
The victim was a woman of Asian descent. However, investigators said the victim’s race did not play a role in the attack.

Officer Railsback said that the detectives were interviewed following Montoya’s arrest. She said they “found nothing to show that he attacked the victim for his race,” according to the Associated Press.

however, that investigators would consider “all the bases” to determine whether the attack was qualified as a hate crime.

The Washington Post reported that Meng settled in Riverside after emigrating to the United States about 11 years ago.