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The murder of Danielle Jones 16 October 1985 – c. June 18, 2001 was a British murder case in which the body was not found, and the conviction was based on a forensic analysis of text messages sent to the victim’s mobile phone. Danielle Sarah Jones was last seen live on June 18, 2001.

Jones’ uncle, Stuart Campbell, a builder, was convicted on December 19, 2002 of kidnapping and murder. Campbell was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, as well as 10 years for kidnapping.

After the trial, the controversy ensued when it was revealed that Campbell had previously been convicted of improper assault on other girls of similar age. The use of forensic authorship analysis of text messages in the case has led to its use in other situations to be investigated

Danielle Jones Age

(16 October 1985 – c. 18 June 2001 She Was 15 Year Old

  • Height

1.73 m (5.7 Ft)

Danielle Jones Murder Investigation Reports

15-year-old Danielle Jones was last seen on the morning of June 18, 2001, walking to a bus stop near her home in East Tilbury,.

On August 17, 2001, the police again arrested Campbell on suspicion of murder after finding “substantial evidence” to support the theory that Danielle Jones was now dead.

A police chief told the BBC that Campbell “developed an absolutely inappropriate and possibly illegal relationship with Danielle.” Jones apparently tried to leave, but Campbell resisted. On November 14, 2001, the Crown Prosecution Service decided that the police had sufficient evidence to accuse Campbell of the murder – even if his body was not found.

On October 14, 2002, Campbell was tried for abduction and murder for 11 months in detention. The royal case was based on few evidence. Jones had disappeared without contacting his family and was seen talking to a man in a blue Ford Transit van similar to Campbell’s on the morning of his disappearance. A test of blood-stained socks found in the attic of Campbell’s house found matching DNA for both him and his nephew; The lip gloss Jones used was also found at Campbell’s home. A diary kept by Campbell revealed an obsession with teenage girls, with Campbell’s statements manipulating young girls into posing for topless photos.
The text message that Campbell claims to have sent him. The message was in capital letters, but Danielle often sent messages in lowercase.
Mobile Switching Center records showed that Campbell’s claim to be in a DIY store half an hour away in Rayleigh was false and that Campbell’s and Jones’ cell phones were within range of a single cell phone pole at the time of a text message allegedly sent to Campbell by Jones . This, along with the forensic analysis, showed that Campbell, not Jones, wrote the message, implying that he was sending the message to him using Jones’ phone to show that Campbell was still alive.

Campbell was found guilty of both charges on December 19, 2002, and was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder for simultaneous employment, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The Supreme Court later ruled that Campbell must serve at least 20 years in prison before being considered for parole, which means he will remain in prison until at least November 2021 and age 63.

Suspicion was almost dropped, and was first arrested on June 23, 2001, five days after Jones’ disappearance. While the detectives weighed the possibility that Campbell would endanger Jones’ life against the possibility of bringing the police to him, they delayed his arrest on the assumption that he was still alive and against his will. During police interviews, Campbell was identified as “non-cooperative”. In a 20-minute interview with the police, Campbell declined to comment on 50 questions.

The investigation involved several appeals for information to the public, including the restructuring of the BBC television show Crimewatch. During the investigation, more than 900 police officers and support personnel searched more than 1,500 locations to find Jones’ body because he was convinced that the police working on the case died within two months of his disappearance.

The mother of the murdered Essex girl wants her daughter to remain under lock and key until the body of her killer is found.

The new law came into force, forcing judges to take into account if killers reveal the whereabouts of their victims.

The Helens Act Act makes it a legal obligation for probation judges to take into account “non-disclosure” of prisoners.

The 62-year-old Stuart Campbell, who murdered his 15-year-old nephew Danielle Jones, is expected to be the first “disembodied” killer to apply for parole under the Hellenic Act when his 20-year minimum expires on The Mirror in November.

Campbell was convicted of the murder of his nephew Danielle Jones in December 2002 and was put in prison for life.

15-year-old Danielle was last seen on Monday, June 18, 2001, near her home in East Tilbury.

Her body was never found despite extensive searches before the trial and in the years that followed.

Her 15-year-old mother, Linda Jones, 60, struggled to convince Campbell to reveal her daughter’s final resting place.

She supported Helen’s Law, named after Helen McCourt, who was killed in 1988 but never disclosed the location of  is murderer Ian Simms – similar to Campbell.