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Danielle Jones Wiki – Bio

A young mother died after giving birth to a baby boy in an unknown pregnancy.

Not knowing she was pregnant, Danielle Jones was hospitalized at noon on Sunday after Danny gave birth to a baby at her home in Bristol.

Doctors couldn’t save his life and he died, leaving Danny in the hospital with his father, Ozzy Godfrey.

Danielle Jones Age

She Was 18.

Danielle Jones No More Unknown Pregnancy

Emergency services rushed to the address in Knowle West and appears to be conducting an emergency operation to save her baby, according to the Bristol Post.

Godfrey wrote on Facebook: ‘I will have a son as Dani wanted. It’s a shame he won’t meet him.

Everyone meet my son Danny Godfrey. She looks just like her mother. I’m fighting for you little man, be strong for me, don’t let me go now Godfrey also shared photos of his late partner Danielle and wrote, ‘I can’t believe I lost you.

I loved you more than anything. I’ll take care of our little one who was born today.

I’m so broke I can’t believe it. I tried my best baby.

As soon as Danielle arrived at the hospital, she was declared dead and the police launched an investigation. A GoFundMe page was created to raise money for Danielle’s funeral and baby supplies for Danny.

Our beautiful friend Danielle has passed away and her baby boy Danny was brought into this world.

Danielle loved horses, and the world would come to this family if she sent her horse and cart. She was so innocent and kind, and that was a real shock to all of us.

Danielle’s beautiful son Danny is still in the hospital and the family has nothing for him because it was an unknown pregnancy, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s say goodbye to her as Danielle deserves.

Mr. Godfrey wrote Thanks to everyone who donated my daughter’s dream horse and cart.

always said the answer he wanted at his funeral.

Knowing how to help makes everyone very happy.

You were all great and helped me, the family and Dani’s family with this.

Avon and Somerset Police said an investigation has been launched into Danielle’s death.

A spokesperson added: ‘The ambulance service was just invited to go to a property in Bratton Road, Bristol.

A woman on the estate was treated at the scene and hospitalized, but sadly died.

Her death is currently considered inexplicable and we are investigating further. ‘

A friend of mine, Faith Kollar, paid tribute and said:  was my first real best friend and I finished college just because of him, he was my first best friend in college, She and Ozzy were a big part of my college life. . although they didn’t realize.

I know Ozzy will do what is best for Danielle and Danny and best father love. Dan we will really miss you.