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A manhunt for Daniel Boulton has begun in Louth, Lincolnshire, after a 26-year-old mother and her nine-year-old son were found stabbed to death in a home.
A double murder suspect was arrested by armed police during a manhunt after a mother and son were found stabbed to death, and an off-duty police officer was injured.

Lincolnshire Police said Daniel Boulton was taken into custody Tuesday morning, shortly after the force made a public appeal, and about 16 hours after the alleged murder.

Boulton was seen getting into a police vehicle at around 11:00 am on Tuesday, after an off-duty police officer was injured in the Hubbard’s Hills area of ​​Louth. A nearby cafe locked its doors as the arrest unfolded.

The bodies of the 26-year-old mother and her nine-year-old son were found in a Louth home around 8:30 p.m. Monday, shortly after neighbors heard a baby screaming.

Police said an uninjured child was also found in the home. Police said the mother and son received multiple stab wounds and a knife was found at the scene.

Shane Marshall, 18, and his partner, 17-year-old Niamh Ismay, who lived two doors away from where the incident took place, said they heard a baby scream at around 8pm on Monday.
Marshall said, “Honestly, we’re really as shocked as anyone else—especially when we’re two doors away from our house. Especially when it’s kids, it’s really not a good thing to happen.

“We saw armed police and dog detachments coming. We didn’t see any movement, we just heard a baby cry.

The police said they couldn’t tell us much, but they said ‘as you can see it’s very very serious’ Ms Ismay added: “It’s not nice because the kids are involved.

“The police knocked on our door and told us to stay inside while we prepare food.”

Stuart Jenson, who describes himself as a priest, said Tuesday morning the boy spent time with his “distraught” grandfather.

Mr Jenson said he last saw the child about two weeks ago and would see the mother “regularly” in the area.

She Told: “Our local community is a close, loving and caring community and we are all under a great deal of stress over the past year due to pandemic concerns and quarantine.

“Society will always be affected by such events. It is extremely sad. There is help and support from those involved. It is a very, very sad day and may God be with, bless and comfort those who have suffered this terrible and tragic loss.”

Local resident Chantelle Fenton gave a bouquet of flowers to a police officer to add to a memorial service outside the house.

She Told: “I saw the lady several times when I brought her in, but I never knew her.

“It’s just sad because it happened on your own doorstep.”

Police said they did not call anyone else related to the incident.

The police cordon remained in place as forensic officers investigated the deaths, and mourners placed flowers at a memorial outside the house. The off-duty officer was injured during a search of Hubbard’s Hills in Louth at around 11:00 am on Tuesday, and a suspect was arrested at noon.

They arrived shortly after police posted a photo of Boulton.

Armed officers and multiple police vehicles were involved in the arrest, which took place at a farm in Hallington near Louth.

Two high-sighted officers escorted a man to a police van behind a farm building.

She wasn’t wearing shoes or socks, his sweatpants were torn, he had an Adidas t-shirt and a Nike jacket.

A woman who lived nearby said the suspect slammed into the window of her car.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said the man was on his way to where he saw police vehicles near Hubbard’s Hills after his car crashed into his window.

“I told the guys in the courtyard to get out of the area and called the police,” she said.

When asked if the experience was traumatic, the woman replied, “Yes, it was.”

Earlier, the woman’s neighbor told reporters: “She was hitting the car window with a hammer.

“(The other neighbor) was so shaken up that luckily the central lock was on and he was able to drive without calling the police.

“The police found him in one of the farm buildings.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “We have found and arrested Daniel Boulton, who is wanted for questioning in connection with a murder in Louth last night and the injury of a police officer in Hubbard’s Hills earlier today.

“Boulton, 29, was detained in the Hubbard’s Hill area at noon today. He is currently in police custody, where he will be held for questioning.”

The spokesperson previously said: “We have launched a murder investigation after a woman and child were found dead on a property in Louth.

Our officers were called to an address on High Holme Road at 20:29 on Monday, May 31, after being informed by our colleagues in the ambulance service.

“Unfortunately, a 26-year-old woman and her nine-year-old son have been confirmed dead. Both victims suffered multiple stab wounds and a knife was found at the scene believed to have been used to inflict wounds.”

Following the arrest, Lincolnshire Police Crime Detective Chief Detective Andy Cox said: “This has been a series of situations that are equally tragic, extraordinary and alarming.
“A woman and a child lost their lives in the most devastating way, and I know their loved ones will feel the enormity of this today and our thoughts go out to them.

“We’ve also seen communities in Louth and even further afield since last night who will undoubtedly be worried about possible danger to the city.

“I want to thank you all. You listened to our safety advice and shared our calls, all of which have helped us do our job as best we can.

I would also like to thank our officers and other Emergency Service colleagues. Last night first responders faced an unimaginable scene and reacted professionally by the victims to ensure we did the right thing and it’s not really a situation you can fully prepare for.

“Our on-duty officer today showed you exactly how to never be out of shift and that our staff will always do their best to protect the public. A thank you doesn’t really welcome that and we wish him a speedy recovery.

“Finally, we would like to thank all the officers and staff involved in this challenging work overnight and today, for your continued commitment and professionalism.

“There’s still a lot to do and now it’s starting to understand exactly what happened here and how.”

Mr Cox had previously said: “We are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.

“Boulton and the victims knew each other.

“No one else was injured at the facility. “However, another small child was found on the property and was not injured.

“We understand that there has been speculation that the child has been abducted.

“This was not the case, and the child was spared.”