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US Attorney General Lawrence Keefe said that FBI agents arrested Daniel Baker on Friday morning with the help of the Tallahassee Police Department and Florida Law Enforcement Department.
A man from Tallahassee, who was arrested by the FBI for making an “Armament Call” at the Florida Capitol Building after the raid on the US Capitol on January 6, claimed he was not guilty in federal court.

Daniel Baker was tried on Monday afternoon at the US Courthouse in Tallahassee, on charges of inciting violence. Baker was at the hearing in person, but his lawyer was the person who made the innocent allegation on his behalf.

Baker did not speak to the judge at the beginning of the five-minute trial, in addition to confirming his identity.

The indictment decision came on Thursday, February 18th. A federal jury returned an indictment accusing Baker of twice forwarding a communication that threatened kidnapping or injuring in interstate trade, according to the Attorney’s Office in the Florida North Territory of the United States. He specifically urged others to join him to surround any protesters and keep them in the State Capitol complex with firearms.

“In a time of widespread alarm and turmoil in our country and especially in state capitals, Baker’s actions clearly posed a threat to public order,” Keefe said in a statement. “Although some media statements put Baker in a sympathetic situation, the indictment alleges that he tried to physically stop the expression of political views different from his own, potentially through armed violence. These office and our law enforcement partners are committed to protecting public safety wherever the threat comes from, and we are confident that Baker’s actions will be properly addressed through the judicial process. ”

On January 25, United States Magistrate Michael J. Frank ordered the arrest of Baker to ensure the safety of the community.

Baker faces a maximum sentence of 10 years and fines of up to $ 500,000. He will go to court again on April 14.