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Who Is Dakota G. Richards? Wiki Bio, Arrested, Murder Charged, Age, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Dakota G. Richards Wiki –  Arrest

Stanley’s Dakota G. Richards is on Judy Lane’s 600 block. According to police, before Winum got out of the crew car, the driver got out of the car and opened fire. Winum died on the spot. The city president said on his Facebook page that Officer Dominic “Nick” Winum, 48, died in the line of duty. Stanley police said a five-year-old police veteran was killed at a city traffic stop on Friday afternoon.

Stanley Police Chief Ryan Dean said in a statement that Officer Dominic “Nick” J. Winum, 48, was fatally shot in the city Friday afternoon.

Media outlets reported that Winum was shot by 29-year-old Dakota G. Richards before getting out of the patrol vehicle. It was later announced that he died at the scene.

Virginia State Police told the media that Richards escaped but was later found while hiding in a barn. It is reported that the suspect made a “threatening act” and was shot dead by the officer.

The city president said on his Facebook page that Officer Dominic “Nick” Winum, 48, died in the line of duty.

“Since joining our division in 2016, he is proud to serve and protect the Stanley community,” said Chief Ryan Dean in a statement. “I know that the Stanley community and Page County are making Nick and his family pray for him in this difficult and tragic time.” Page County Sheriff’s Office also posted a statement on its Facebook page: “We are silent. Pray for the family of our martyred brother, the Stanley Police Department and our law enforcement.

Nick” Winum Shot

Police officer shot dead in Shenandoah Valley
The suspect was later shot dead by aides of the Page County sheriff and was fatally injured. A police officer in Stanley Town was shot dead while on duty Friday afternoon while traffic stopped. Officer Dominic “Nick” J. Winum, 48, was killed seconds after stopping a driver at 15:15. In Judy Lane’s 600 block.

“Before the officer even got out of the patrol vehicle, the driver got out of the vehicle and opened fire,” said Corinne Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police.

Geller said Winum, a former state police officer, died on the spot.


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