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A 22-year-old florist survived the court after luring his ‘man-obsessed’, abusive ex-partner into a trap so that his new lover could beat him so badly with a baseball bat that his ‘brain item’ splashed onto a sidewalk.

22-year-old Crystal Culhane was sentenced to a suspended sentence after he trapped his ex-partner Paul Flory in August 2019 when he was attacked by his new man, James White.

Mr. Flory, 33, miraculously escaped death when his head was split in a frantic attack that saw White corner him in an alley and “broke his brain.”

22-year-old Ames White was persuaded to be beaten by Crystal Culhane, a 22-year-old ‘manipulative liar’ who was obsessed with men.

However, while White was sentenced to 11 years in prison, Culhane received a suspended sentence after alleging that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to a car accident.

Old Bailey heard White and Culhane re-enact their teen love over an Indian meal on August 18, 2019, and White brought Culhane back to his apartment in Dovedale Close, Harefield, west London for a night of passion.

However, Culhane was also dating 33-year-old Paul Flory, although he was violent in his past.

Culhane, impressed by White’s straight and flamboyant lifestyle, used him that same night to take Mr. Flory out of his life.

In a series of text messages he told Mr. Flory where he was and waited for White to come to his door at approximately 1:30.

White armed himself with a baseball bat and went out to beat Mr. Flory, who was terribly injured to his head and body and was in critical condition by the public.

PC Dean Williams, one of the police officers summoned to the scene, said he had identified “what he suspected was brain matter” along with “burgundy” [blood] splashed on the sidewalk.

Prosecutor Tyrone Silcott said, ‘The brain issue was seen by the witnesses out of his head.

James White (pictured), 22, was persuaded to be beaten by Crystal Culhane, the ‘manipulative liar’ who lured Mr. White armed with a baseball bat and cornered Mr. Flory on an alley and “beat his brain.”

Mr. Flory was taken to hospital, where paramedics managed to save his life.

While police captured White’s DNA containing bat, Culhane was caught by messages that lured the victim to his lover’s home.

White was found guilty of intentional bodily harm and, following a trial in Culhane, Old Bailey, was convicted of unintentional serious bodily harm.

Judge Sarah Munro said Culhane was a ‘determined, persuasive and manipulative liar’ who could persuade professionals to sympathize with her.

‘Crystal Culhane, as the jury found, (White) did not think of attacking him as cruel as you did, but he intended, I am sure you did serious harm to him.

She hadn’t guessed that you would use a gun.

You took the baseball bat with you either from your flat or from one of your cars and, as you now admit, you cornered Paul Flory on an alley and hit his head and body all over him, literally beating his brain.

The attack lasted no more than 50 seconds, and you left him to die by wiping the stick on the grass while you ran to your house with the stick, while you were running.

Thanks to the evidence, reports and my observations of you throughout the trial, it is clear that you, Crystal Culhane, are a complex young woman at 22.

On the one hand, you are an attractive, beautifully groomed and dressed young woman who is always interested in your appearance.

You are straightforward and literate, as I saw from text messages. When it suits you, you’re not as stupid as you would to make people believe.

Indeed, the evidence has shown that you are a determined, persuasive and manipulative liar who can fool others, including professionals.

On the other hand, of course, you had a very difficult childhood, you were looking, you had special education needs and you could not succeed academically.

‘You are prone to severe anxiety. You’ve been diagnosed with PTSD after a very unpleasant car accident. However, you could find a job as a caregiver.

You have also had serious physical health problems. The probation officer considers that you want the attention of men.

Somehow you are subjected to violence at their hands and you have no self-esteem or self-esteem. You can use lies as a defense mechanism. ‘

Tim Starkey, who defended Culhane, said, ‘The domestic violence he witnessed in his childhood unfortunately seems to be repeated in his own relationships.

Four have been in serious or long-term relationships, and three of them have been subjected to severe domestic violence and have come to accept it perhaps because of what they see in their relationships as children, teenagers and young adults.

His willingness to please and to be loved is why it attracts men who know him and exploit him. You can think of the night he was caught between two violent men.

One thing he spoke to me proudly was his job as a caregiver. He had been doing this for two years before he was arrested.

He told me he loved him. He talked about caring for people and loving it.

Another thing that expresses his determination to really turn his life around is the florists’ work at ‘Funky Flowers’. It gave him a sense of purpose and self-confidence. ‘

But prosecutor Tyrone Silcott said: ‘Culhane lies whenever he warns him.

Mr. White and Mrs. Culhane filmed Paul Flory at 1:30 am on August 18, 2019, near Mr. White’s address.

After Mr. Flory attended the meeting, he was in contact or trying to contact Ms. Culhane on his cell phone.

Mr. White then left his address in the evening with Ms. Culhane and attacked Mr. Flory with a baseball bat.

The attack was terrifying and insane, leaving Mr. Flory with terrible life-threatening wounds.

The paramedics treating Mr. Flory at the scene found Mr. Flory unconscious with very severe head injuries and massive fractures in the skull, front and back, and massive swelling in his eyes and face with massive bleeding.

He also had a big bruise on his stomach and chest. It’s a miracle that he survived the attack.

There is no discussion that Mr. Flory was attacked at that time and very close to Mr. White’s address.

“Due to the seriousness of the attack and the injuries suffered, Mr. Flory cannot help who attacked him.”

West Dr. They were cleared of attempted murder.

However, White was convicted of possessing the offensive weapon and deliberate serious bodily harm, while Culhane was found guilty of serious bodily harm unintentionally.

Culhane was sentenced to two years in prison and suspended for two years, while White was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Culhane must complete 200 hours of free study and 60 sessions of rehabilitation within 18 months.