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Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat Wiki

Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, From Southampton, Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat was sentenced to prison at Winchester Royal Court for at least 19 years for the murder of Cristina Ortiz-Lozano, who suffered multiple stab wounds at her home in Southampton, Hampshire in September. 21, 2019.

Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat Age

He is 29 Year Old.

Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat Relationship With Ms. Ortiz-Lozano

The 29-year-old has been in a relationship with Ms. Ortiz-Lozano for 12 years since they met at school in Spain.

They moved to England in April 2018, first living in Liverpool before moving to Southampton the following year.

Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, Stabbed Cristina Ortiz-Lozano, Death, Investigation

The 29-year-old man who stabbed him to death after stalking him in Tinder history was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, jealous from Southampton, stabbed her ex-girlfriend Cristina Ortiz-Lozano to death after following her home from a Tinder date with another man. A man who stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death after following him on his way to a Tinder date has been put in prison for life.

A Hampshire police spokesperson said the two broke up after El Yechioui Ourzat was arrested for failing to conduct a breath test, which sparked a controversy and the accused inflicted criminal damage to their home addresses in August 2019. She sends abusive emails to Ms. Ortiz-Lozano and vouches for the terms not to contact her.

The force spokesperson said that on September 21, Ortiz-Lozano had gone on a date with a 30-year-old man and realized that El Yechioui Ourzat arrived at the bar, which made him decide to return home.

“When they arrived, El Yechioui Ourzat was waiting outside the address. Cristina left herself on the property, and El Yechioui Ourzat followed her into the kitchen, where she carried out her brutal attack,” the spokesman said. Detective Inspector Toby Elcock said: “I welcome today’s punishment. El Yechioui Ourzat has been shown to be an extremely dangerous man whose abusive and jealous behavior causes him to take the life of a young woman who has been in front of him all his life.

“I know today’s punishment will not bring Cristina back, but I hope she gives her family and friends some closure and some relief as justice has been done.

“This was a brutal attack on a young woman who was in front of her all her life.

“The court heard how El Yechioui Ourzat’s abusive and jealous behavior resulted in Cristina’s brutal murder.”

Ms. Ortiz-Lozano’s father said in a statement through the police: “Cristina used to call us every day at around 9 pm to tell us about her daily life and now this has become the worst time of our day. It happened emotionally.

“We welcomed Abdulaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, including himself, to the extent that he said I was like his second father, and as another member of our family who made him a part of our lives.

“El Yechioui Ourzat knew how much we loved both of our daughters. I asked her to take care of Cristina because we loved her so much.”