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Coleman Thomas Blevins is a Texas man accused of planning the Walmart mass shoot. The Kerr County Sheriff said Blevins was arrested with guns, white supremacists, and other extremist paraphernalia.

Blevins, who lives in Kerrville, Texas, was arrested on the 1000 block of Junction Highway by lawmakers from the sheriff’s office, along with representatives from the Texas Department of Public Security, the Kerrville Police Department, the FBI, and the US Secret Service. press release. Authorities said Blevins was under surveillance and had been banned from possession of firearms.

The sheriff’s office said he and other institutions were disrupting “mass casualties plans” and cooperating “to stop and block the plot of attack on the people”. Investigators believe Blevins is a “threat to national security”, according to the press release. During the investigation period, KCSO investigators contacted and met with Mr. Blevins, confirming his ties to and networking with extremist ideologies. On May 27, the KCSO Special Operations Division caught a message that Blevins was preparing a mass fire. In the message, Mr. Blevins posed a specific threat that included Wal-Mart. KCSO Investigators, working with the FBI, confirmed Mr. Blevins’ ability to track the threat and immediately took action to arrest him, “the sheriff’s office said in a press release.

Coleman Blevins Age

He Is 28 Year Old

Coleman Blevins Arested, Investigation & More Facts

The FBI, Texas DPS, and Kerr County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Kerrville man, whom they said planned to open a fire at Walmart.

28-year-old Coleman Thomas Blevins appeared on the KCSO radar. According to KCSO, he confirmed that Blevins was planning a mass shooting after talking to him.

In a message caught by KCSO, it was alleged that Blevins threatened to shoot a Walmart, but this location was not disclosed.

Blevins was arrested on a Terrorist Threat order Friday, after which officers began working on a search warrant at his home.

There, lawmakers say they found firearms, ammunition, electronic evidence, dense THC, and “tools of radical ideology”, which they say contained books, flags, and handwritten documents.

Blevins was actively punished severely, which means he was prohibited from possessing weapons. He stays in prison.

This case reminds us that we must always be vigilant. Many people think “it can’t be here,” and that’s going well, “said Sheriff Larry Leitha.” Our investigators did extraordinary work in this case, and they probably saved many lives. In this case the interrupted plot is unthinkable. We appreciate the assistance of all our law enforcement partners, including the FBI, DPS, KPD, and Secret Service. We want to remind the public – if you see something, say something. Working with other law enforcement professionals, KCSO will continue to stop threats to our community and bring those responsible to prosecution. ”