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Cody Mulligan Wiki – Stabbed (Investigation)

Police said a blind 21-year-old boy who overcame numerous obstacles was stabbed to death outside his home in an unprovoked attack. Cody Mulligan was fatally stabbed on January 2 at his home in Baltimore, Maryland, and succumbed to his wounds five days later. Police said that while James John Marchsteiner III, who was the alleged murderer, was walking down the street, Cody left his home and started running before stabbing the 21-year-old boy several times. Marchsteiner was previously arrested for non-violent crimes, and investigators were unable to share a possible reason for Cody’s murder. The victim’s injured father, Mike Mulligan, later said: “He was my ultimate hero. People loved him. It’s just… a pointless thing that happened for no reason.” Mike told Cody how four-year-old Batten’s disease was diagnosed. This saw Cody losing his eyesight, developmental skills, motor abilities, and cognition. But these mishaps didn’t stop Cody from doing the best in life, and Mike said they “never stopped him from doing what he wanted to do.” Cody gained fame at the age of 14 after winning wrestling matches at Sparrows Point High School. Former classmate Mitch Hammond said The Baltimore Sun Cody was “always cheerful” and added: “Regardless, he would joke about anything – you could have a lousy day and Cody would sit there and turn his back. Also, from hunting and motorcycle riding with his dad Cody enjoyed exercising so much that he decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer and was training for the role when he was killed. Mike said: “He’s a real inspiration for anyone with any physical disability that he thinks he can’t overcome. There was no bad bone in his body. “Prosecutors want to accuse Marchsteiner of Cody’s first-degree murder. He is detained without bail before his next hearing on February 5th.