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Who Is Clifford Mackrell Wiki, Arrest, Capitol Riot, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Clifford Mackrell Wiki – Arrest, Investigation

Lorain Man Arrested by Feds for Assault Officer During Capital Riot Agents This morning, among other crimes, he arrested 20-year-old Lorain resident Clifford Mackrell for allegedly attacking a police officer outside the Capitol Building on January 6 when the riot began.

Federal investigators used the open-source video captured that day to show that Mackrell hit an officer and grabbed his gas mask to capture a still image of Mackrell’s face, then shared it publicly while searching for his identity.


A tip told the FBI that the man looked like someone named Cliff, who graduated from Wellington High School in 2018. Public databases and a Facebook search warrant helped put the rest of the picture together.

Mackrell was arrested on charges including forcibly attacking an officer, deliberately breaking into a forbidden building, denial of law enforcement during a civil unrest, and violent entry / erratic behavior on the grounds of the Capitol.

The case is being handled by the District of Columbia US Attorney General.

The complaint can be read below. (Mobile users may need to switch to desktop view



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