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Kellyanne Conway was questioned by police in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday after allegedly harassing her 16-year-old daughter in several TikTok videos.

Claudia Conway posted a TikTok on January 20, showing a woman who looks like her mother was being interrogated by the police at the entrance of their home. One of the two male officers in the clip is heard advising the woman to cut off Claudia Conway’s access to the internet and phone. It has gained over 290,000 likes since then. The encounter came the day after a series of TikToks broadcasts detailing her mother’s allegations of abuse, including a clip of a woman shouted by Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday evening. You are lucky for your mother’s life. ”

The videos have since gone viral and caused a wave of public concern. Most of Claudia Conway’s 1.6 million followers encouraged her to contact Child Protection Services in the comments sections Claudia Conway is one of four children of Kellyanne and George Conway. Last summer, her mother made headlines when she used social media to send anti-Donald Trump messages while working as a White House adviser. Kellyanne Conway resigned in August 2020, citing what is best “for his children and family,” according to Insider.

Kellyanne Conway has not publicly addressed the recent TikTok videos or the apparent police visit. Claudia Conway aired a TikToks series showing tense confrontations with her mother on January 19. Some clips suggest it was recorded last fall while he was sick with COVID. Claudia Conway previously accused Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s mother, who tested positive for the virus after attending the October Rose Garden event, of infecting her.

“COVID summary with Kelly”, the first compilation with overlay text, is described by the teenager as a woman cursing and yelling at Kellyanne Conway.

In a clip, the woman said, “I can get you out of here today, fuck, fuck. Done, done – I don’t care who follows you, idiot **. ”

In several other clips, the same woman claims that her daughter failed to catch COVID from the “president” and calls her an “ungrateful slut.”

The second compilation, with more than 700,000 likes, tells the teenager in the same voice: “You will never record another damn thing in your life, it’s going for a forensic analysis.” Several follow-ups on TikToks said Claudia Conway wasn’t trying to “hate” her mother. She only shed light on the situation by expressing that she wanted to share her story.

“I want to add some context to what I’m posting,” she said in a 16-year-old video. “I don’t want to hate my mom, I just think it’s important to tell the story and my experiences from my point of view.