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Claire Miller, on the left, is accused of stabbing her 19-year-old sister Helen, pictured in a wheelchair. 14-year-old Claire was charged with murder as an adult Police stabbed a 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old disabled sister to death at her home while her parents were asleep.

Identified after being accused as an adult, Claire Miller is said to have stabbed his brother Helen, who had cerebral palsy, by stabbing her Monday at her family home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. According to prosecutors, Helen, who was using a wheelchair, was found with a stab wound in her neck shortly after a “hysterical” Claire allegedly called the police and said “killed her sister”. The police came home about five minutes later and Claire told the officers that she had said: “I stabbed my sister.” They found Helen with a large knife sticking out of her neck. A pillow was also placed on his face. An officer arriving at the scene said Helen’s pillow was soaked with blood, adding that in addition to Claire’s pants, there was blood on the family’s snowy driveway. No reason was given for Helen’s murder. While some locals claim that the victim was not verbal, it is unclear whether he was sentenced to the wheelchair he used.

Claire was trying to wash her sister’s blood from her hand in the snow. It is believed that the sisters’ parents slept during the murder. Claire, who attended a local private school, was charged with murder as an adult due to the seriousness of the allegations against her. She is being held in Lancaster County Prison and will be retried on March 26.