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Beautiful, magical ‘trans woman brutally murdered in a gruesome attack

Trans woman Chyna Carrillo died in a brutal attack in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. she was only 24 years old.

Chyna Carrillo Murder, Investigation

According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Pennsylvania police reported that She was attacked in a residence on the morning of February 18.

When the officers arrived, they found that the suspect had attacked Carrillo violently in the garden of a house. They ordered him to stop the attack, but he ignored the police’s orders.

Officers then shot the attacker and died at the scene. Carrillo were taken to St Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown, where he died soon after.

Carrillo’s death made him the seventh least known transgender ever killed in the United States in 2021.

The nursing home worker was originally from Arkansas, but reportedly moved to Pennsylvania to begin a new life, while Carillo’s friends and family praised the young Latinx woman, some of whom were confident and outspoken.

Her aunt Mayra Carrillo described Chyna as “a beautiful, magical mermaid”.

“I’ve always called him like that,” she said. She’s my mermaid and we miss her. We miss him so much. “Arkansas state representative Megan Godfrey said there was” a lot of heartbreak “in their community after her death.

“We need a hate crimes law that protects everyone, including transgender friends, from hate-motivated violence,” she tweeted. Also, before we send love to Carrillo’s family, we don’t need laws that allow and encourage discrimination against trans Arkansans, ”he said.

Tori Cooper, director of community engagement for the transgender justice initiative at the Human Rights Campaign, said the rate of violence against trans people this year was “devastating.”

Chyna was very young and did not deserve to be cut short. We already lost too many trans lives in 2021.

“If this eerie rate of lethal violence continues, we will meet or exceed the total 44 deaths last year.

“We must raise our voices and speak. Everyone must take action to end violence against our community, and we must do it together as one LGBTQ community.”