Chun Xu Wiki – Accused

Chun Xu, 31, is accused of murdering the talented schoolgirl Wenjing Lin in an attack on her takeaway restaurant.

Wenjing Lin Murder Investigation

A suspected killer wore a bandage around his neck as he went to court after the murder of a 16-year-old girl who was ‘stabbed to death’ at his family’s takeaway in South Wales.

Chun Xu, 31, is accused of murdering the talented schoolgirl Wenjing Lin in an attack on her takeaway restaurant.

There were dozens of police officers among the more than 30 emergency vehicles summoned to the Blue Sky Chinese in Ynyswen, Rhondda last week.

Described by his family as a ‘kind spirit’, Wenjing Lin died on the scene despite the paramedics fighting to save him.

Xu was later arrested and charged with the Wenjing murder and the attempted murder of 38-year-old Yongquan Jiang.

Xu appeared at the Merthyr Tydfil Magistrate’s Court this morning in a large bandage-style dressing that covered her throat after police confirmed that she was being treated at the hospital.

The 31-year-old, who does not speak English, confirmed her name and date of birth through an interpreter at the 10-minute trial. Her sister cried in the public gallery and a box of handkerchiefs had to be delivered by the court.

Wearing a gray sweatpants, disposable face mask, and slippers while being taken to court from a van, Xu was returned to Cardiff Crown Court on Friday.

Judge Kimberly Davies said to him: ‘You will be sent to Cardiff Royal Court, and it will happen tomorrow. You will be arrested. ‘

Officers said earlier that Chun Xu knew of his alleged victims – but it was revealed that he was not related to Wenjing.

Wenjing was about to take his GCSEs to Treorchy Comprehensive School, where he excelled in mathematics.

He was offered a place in a sixth-grade college, where he would study mathematics and psychology.

The teenager was working behind the counter in the family-run Chinese restaurant after local staff were laid off due to Coronavirus.

Wenjing was described as a ‘positive role model’ at a memorial ceremony where other students from her school were offered expert counseling after her death.

The Treorchy Comprehensive School said: ‘Wenjing Lin’s sudden death is a tragedy and has had a devastating impact on our school and especially on his fellowship and Grade 11.

However, Wenjing’s life will be remembered as a master class on being the best version of yourself that you can be.

The school will remember Wenjing Lin as a positive role model. He was extremely hardworking and was in the middle of studying for his GCSEs and had a passion to continue to study Psychology and Mathematics and A-Level Math. The school works with outside agencies to support all those affected by this tragedy.

’11th. Students in the classroom and other year groups have already accessed emergency support, and this will continue in the coming weeks with the support of trained counselors. ‘

The South Wales Police Major Crimes Unit is investigating Wenjing’s death and appealing for drivers with car camera footage that may have passed the takeaway to reveal it.

Wenjing’s heartbroken family said at a memorial ceremony: ‘Wenjing had a very gentle soul, he was a very quiet person.

Wenjing helped the whole family by working at the family takeaway. He enjoyed school and studied hard. He was loved by his family. ‘