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Christina Rowe Wiki – Murder Charged

28-year-old Filipino model whose body was pulled from the Severn River in Worcester after a 24-year-old man was arrested for murder
Three areas in Worcester were cordoned off as searchers scoured the river.
The search continues in a house and a road two miles from the Severn River
Neighborhood residents claimed the man killed the woman before hiding her body on Wednesday
A model whose body was pulled from the Severn River after a 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder, locally named 28-year-old Christina Rowe.

Originally Filipino, She lived in Cheviot Close, Worcester, one of the addresses police cordoned off Wednesday after search teams discovered the body of a woman in his ’20s’.

Those living next to a cordon claimed that police had confirmed the murder of a woman on a road that looked like blood. Three sites in Worcester were cordoned off for the woman’s body as search teams dredged the Severn River on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, we detected the body of a woman in her 20s in the Severn River during our searches last night,” said Dean Jones, Senior Investigative Officer, Detective Chief Inspector.

His family has been informed, but no official identity has been identified yet. A 24-year-old man was arrested yesterday and is still in custody.

“This is an individual incident and I can confirm that we are not looking for anyone else associated with the incident.”

Rowe is said to be ‘really cheerful and happy’ when she was last seen receiving a package from a postman on Monday.

A neighbor living opposite the police cordon said, ‘It seems that blood was coming from all the stairs that led down from the houses.

It must have happened early on, as it is quite unusual for anyone to hear something.

We’ve had it for years and kept ourselves to ourselves, so we don’t really know anyone on the street.

Another neighbor said: ‘What happened is very tragic and vile.

You don’t see these kinds of things on TV through your living room window – it’s all very surreal.

I saw him [victim Christina Rowe] around here. I didn’t know her name, but she looked pretty.

She was very quiet and I think she only lived here for about a year.

I asked the postman when he last saw him and he said he gave him a package on Monday. It seems she was so cheerful and happy and she had a smile on her face and that was only Monday.

Since I’ve seen a guy here several times, I think he’s a boyfriend.

But I sleep with my bedroom window open and everything will usually wake up but passed completely by, I didn’t hear anything.

My daughter called me because she thought there was a Covid epidemic nearby, but when I got back from work, I realized that it was definitely not the case, and something much worse.

Even though it is a very quiet closing, nothing much happens and everyone is hiding.

“I’ve seen him a little bit and he always looked nice and friendly, just quiet, but you’re allowed to keep quiet.”

A woman sitting a few doors away from the cord said: I live in the other nearby area, and I had the police knock on my door and ask if I saw anything.

All they told me was that he was definitely killed here. I think the house behind the trees is nearby. All they could say was the incident here, but he couldn’t tell me more than that.