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Christiane Louise Murder Case

Arrest has been made in the death of Mercy Overwatch voice actor Christiane Louise, who was murdered in Brazil.

She voiced Mercy in the “Brazilian voiceover for Overwatch”, Cortana in the Brazilian series Halo, and Marge in the Brazilian version of The Simpsons.

Christiane Louise Age

Christiane Louise Was 49 Year Old.

Christiane Louise Murder Case, Investigation & More Facts

Christiane Louise, 49, was killed in her home subsequent to being cut in the leg and neck, and market analyst Pedro Paulo Goncalves Vasconcellos da Costa is blamed for the wrongdoing.

One fan depicted Christiane Louise as “greatly known voice in the gaming local area, RIP.” Wrote another, “D*** it… Cortana, Mercy, such countless recollections with those characters… the manner in which she could cause you to feel just by an adjustment of tone.” Christiane Louise Was Murdered With a Goblet, Reports Say

RJ Civil Police, a Brazilian website, “arrested economist Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa, 27, on suspicion of killing 49-year-old voice actor Christiane Louise de Paula da Silva.” The article is dated 14 August 2021.

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Agents disclosed to Globo that the casualty was killed inside a condo in Ipanema, “in the South Zone of Rio, and the body was found in Grumari, in the West Zone.”

Globo gave realistic subtleties of the wrongdoing, asserting that the business analyst had admitted yet guaranteed self protection. “He asserted he had killed Cristiane Louise with a wrecked challis, first cutting the voice entertainer’s leg and afterward the lady’s throat,” the news site revealed, adding that the pair were companions who met in a mental center. He was taken in by Christiane subsequent to having an emergency, the news site announced. As per Globo, his mom is blamed for assisting him related to the wrongdoing, and the person in question “was found in a vegetated space of ​​Praia de Grumari, in the West Zone. The voice entertainer’s body was enclosed by plastic packs and sheets.”

A Friend Described His Soul as ‘Dying’ and Fans Offered Tributes on Social Media

Another voice entertainer affirmed her demise on Instagram. The interpretation peruses, “It is with my draining soul that I declare the flight of Christiane Louise. I love you everlastingly, Zinha.”

Individuals offered accolades via online media. “as a kindness primary when I began playing overwatch, may the valkyries guide you to the sky above Christiane Louise (benevolence’s voice entertainer), find happiness in the hereafter,” thought of one individual on Twitter.

“Pitiful to find out about the heartbreaking passing of skilled voice entertainer #ChristianeLouise . Find happiness in the hereafter #HeroesNeverDie,” composed another. “Find happiness in the hereafter Christiane Louise the voice entertainer of Mercy from overwatch and Cortana from corona,” another composed.

Another Twitter accolade read, “The world has taken another individual from the overwatch voice entertainers. I don’t know how a couple of my companions will deal with it… MY HEROES NEVER DIE! Find happiness in the hereafter Christiane Louise.”

Another fan stated, “This is simply screwed up on what happened how could he for how he helped leniency’s Brazilian voice entertainer this simply drives me insane Crazy face find happiness in the hereafter christiane Louise #Overwatch #Mercy.”


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