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The FBI said Secor was a UCLA student who was charged after being captured in photos of the vice president sitting in the Senate chair during the January 6 US Capitol riot. Secor was arrested in California on February 16, according to the Columbia District Office of the US Attorney General’s Office.

The FBI complained that the 22-year-old Secor was seen in videos and photos sitting in a chair previously occupied by Vice President Mike Pence. FBI agents said he carried a flag throughout the Capitol Building and on the Senate floor after breaching the building during the siege. Secor and UCLA did not comment on their arrest. It was not immediately clear whether Secor had hired a lawyer to comment on his behalf. The case against Secor opened on February 17, after he went to court for the first time, according to the FBI, agents received tips on Secor between January 17 and January 22 on the FBI media submission portal and the FBI hotline. At least 11 whistleblowers have been identified. Secor, one of the riot participants led by Vice President Mike Pence and who entered the US Capital during the pro-Trump siege to endorse President Joe Biden as the 2020 election winner, was arranged to endorse President Joe Biden.

In a criminal complaint filed in Secor’s case, the FBI wrote: “These whistleblowers provided footage and videos of Secor inside the US Capitol, both standing on the floor of the Senate chamber and sitting in the upper-tier Presidential Office of the Senate chamber. This seat is normally occupied by either the Vice President of the United States and the President of the Senate, President Pro Tempore, or another Senator serving as Presidential Officer. These images were widely distributed on both mainstream news sources and social media platforms. “The FBI said Secor appeared in pictures and videos on a red” Make America Great Again “hat, including a blue circle and a black jacket with white AF letters on the bill. A T-shirt with the letters “IMER” appearing in a pure American flag and white text. The FBI also said it was carrying a large blue flag with the words “America First” on it. According to the criminal report, Secor was also seen in a video recorded by The New Yorker and broadcast on MSNBC. The FBI said that Secor was seen in the video on the Senate floor and that the American First flag was leaning against the wall behind him while sitting in the chair previously occupied by Pence. The FBI said the surveillance video provided to investigators by Capitol Police also showed Secor in other parts of the Capitol, including the east corridor and the Senate gallery.

Investigators said Secor was spotted in surveillance videos between rebels trying to get through a door blocked by three Capitol Police officers at one point. The FBI, Secor and others pushed the double door blocked by the police causing the doors to open, and “dozens of additional rebels flooded the building. Capitol Police officers were pushed by the crowd, occasionally trapped between doors and the crowd, and eventually pushed out of the way of the oncoming crowd. Law enforcement.” his forces’ efforts to exclude additional insurgents were disappointed by the inside crowd pushing the gates, including Secor. “America First” podcast. According to the FBI, Secor is also affiliated with Fuentes ‘group Groypers. In the FBI Secor complaint, “Groypers, white supremacist and” America First “podcaster Nick Fuentes’ vocal. It is a network of alternative right-wing figures with supporters, ”he said.

The FBI said Secor used the online nickname “Scuffed Elliot Rodger”, referring to the man who killed 7 people on Isla Vista in 2014. Rodger has become a hero for some on the lower right. According to the FBI, reporters said Secor described himself as a fascist, posted threats online, and defended the “whites only” nation. According to the FBI, another whistleblower posted pictures of Secor at a rally on the far right in Huntington Beach, California.

According to the criminal report, Secor posted on Twitter using the “@fullautonat” account, according to the FBI, which investigated his posts and account. In the complaint, the FBI said that Secor had posted a photo with Fuentes sent to her Twitter account, which the FBI described as “a well-known person who made racist statements and denied the Holocaust.” Secor has since locked the account.