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Who Was Christian Aguilar ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Killed, Girlfriend, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Christian Aguilar Wiki – Biography

Who Was Christian Aguilar ?

Christian Aguilar,  was most recently seen on September 20, 2012, going into a Best Buy in Gainesville, Florida, with his companion Pedro Bravo.

The University of Florida rookie disappeared that day, dispatching a significant pursuit across Gainesville that kept going 22 days until the inauspicious revelation of his remaining parts in Levy County, about an hour away, the Miami Herald composed. His body had been bound with conduit tape and was discovered face down in a shallow grave.

Christian Aguilar Age

He was 18 Year Old

Christian Aguilar Killed

A couple of days before his body was discovered, his companion Bravo was captured and accused of his homicide. As per the Miami Herald, specialists said they discovered blood in his vehicle, Aguilar’s rucksack covered up in Bravo’s loft just as a receipt for conduit tape and a digging tool in the days paving the way to the understudy’s vanishing. Aguilar and Bravo met each other in eighth grade of secondary school at Doral Academy Preparatory School and became companions. In secondary school, Bravo was dating Erika Friman, who later revealed to ABC News that she needed to continue ahead in their senior year yet was hesitant to do as such on the grounds that she trusted Bravo may hurt himself.

After graduation, in the late spring of 2012, Friman at last finished things with Bravo, disclosing to him she wasn’t keen on seeking after a significant distance relationship in school and moved to Gainesville, where she was selected at the Santa Fe Community College.

She started dating Bravo’s companion Aguilar, who was going to the University of Florida, toward the start of their first year in 2012 yet didn’t enlighten Bravo concerning the relationship since she said she was apprehensive it would hurt him, she revealed to ABC News.

Specialists said that when Bravo got some answers concerning the relationship in August 2012, he started looking into explanations, deadly dosages of dozing drug and insights about murder on the web. He then, at that point chose to drive from Miami to Gainesville and surprisingly took a crack at the junior college himself so he could be nearer to Friman.

A Cellmate of Bravo’s Testified Against Him and Said Bravo Detailed the Killing

During Bravo’s preliminary, a fellow prisoner of his at Alachua County prison affirmed that Bravo admitted to the wrongdoing and itemized the homicide. As indicated by detainee Michael Angelo’s declaration detailed by The Gainesville Sun, Angelo said Bravo revealed to him he killed Aguilar by choking him with a tie in his vehicle in a Walmart parking area.

Bravo disclosed to Angelo that while he held the lash against Aguilar’s throat, he watched the clock for 13 minutes and even saw a Walmart safety officer go past while he paused, Angelo said. He affirmed that Bravo revealed to him the two had been talking and afterward Bravo came up with a rationalization to go into the secondary lounge where “He said he put a tie around (Aguilar’s) neck and prepared himself on the rearward sitting arrangement… He said he had effectively looked on the PC for spots to cover him.”

As per declaration at Bravo’s preliminary, Aguilar’s remaining parts were found “inclined… face down in the grave,” the Gainesville Sun composed. Following a fourteen day preliminary, the jury thought for a few hours prior to returning a blameworthy decision, WUFT announced.


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