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Chris Dillard was a Republican political advisor who killed himself outside of US Representative Beth Van Duyne’s home in Irving, Texas. He was remembered by his colleagues as a determined and patriotic conservative.

Richard Christian “Chris” Dillard served as communications director for Van Duyne’s Congress campaign, according to his LinkedIn page. Irving police initially said that there was only “an incident today in which an unidentified man committed suicide at Congressman Beth Van Duyne’s home.” The suicide occurred on February 10, 2021. They later identified Dillard as the deceased person.

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Chris Dillard Killed Himself, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Van Duyne is a former mayor of the US’s 24th Congressional District in Texas.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dillard posted Self-Contained Photos with Van Duyne and served as Public Relations for Texas State Guard.
According to WFAA TV, Van Duyne was at home when Dillard killed herself and heard about the shooting but did not witness it. The police are still investigating the cause.

Dillard shared a photo showing him with the congressman in November. “Congratulations Beth !! Chris did a great job and by having us search all his bands, he WON in the last few days! Filled with JoY! ”

Another photo showed him with Van Duyne and Nikki Haley. Other photos show him with Texas GOP Chairman Allen West.

Dillard wrote on LinkedIn that he is a political consultant and a self-employed target media producer. He worked in this position for 12 years in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and said he provided “special media, training and consulting”.

He served as a public relations officer at the Texas State Guard’s 1st Brigade headquarters, which he has maintained since April 2020. Previously, he served as Beth Van Duyne’s director of Communications for Congress, and his tenure lasted six months from November 2019. April 2020.

He was also director of advanced technology at Advanced Concept Timeshares, consulting specialist at Fry’s Electronics, media producer / manager of a Youtube drama Kingdom Global Ministries, communications director for graphics2, youth outreach director for Dallas iMedia and a software educator.

According to Van Duyne’s resume, “After graduating magna cum laude from Cornell University, Beth moved to her hometown of Irving, Texas for over 30 years. Katie and Pearce’s single mother Beth is from Texas to the US House of Representatives. it was only the second Republican woman elected. ”
Politicians and others have posted their respects to Dillard on Facebook.

Death is part of life. But lately, its inevitability seems to be accelerating for those you wouldn’t expect. I am very sorry to find out about Chris Dillard’s passing away. She was an excellent activist, she spent her time volunteering in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. And I’ve always done this with a smile, ”wrote Texas state representative Matt Krause.

“I appreciated Chris because he wasn’t afraid to hold me accountable as an elected official. Where he felt I was crossing the line, he would constantly challenge me. But when he thought I was on the right track he would be there for encouragement. It is a great blessing to have such a person in your life. RIP Chris. May your memory be a blessing to your family and loved ones left behind. ”
A friend, Chris Betts, said, “We will miss our Texasaurus so badly. Chris Dillard passed away, be it football, military, patriotism or service, Chris was always there to serve and give back, no questions, no requirements, just whatever he does to serve people, dude, I’m proud to know you. Nothing much to say because everyone knew Chris, everyone loved Chris and it’s hard to explain someone so unidentified. I’ll miss you buddy.

One woman replied, “No, not our Chris Dillard. God has won an angel !! What a kind and courageous Patriot! It can’t be true !! I don’t want to believe it !!”

Another woman wrote, “Getting to know her was to love her… as you said, Chris Betts ~ she has tremendous intelligence and humor next to everything. On Facebook, Dillard described himself as “The deplorable Conservative who makes a meme thief in Conservative Politics.” For good measure, “OK, follow me. I’m not going to tell your mother. If you’re not vegan or socialist. Then you can escape.”

In April 2020, he wrote on Facebook: “I am happy to report that I was promoted to the Executive Officer of the Texas State Guard (W01) – and he was even more pleased that my family was able to attend the ceremony today. #TXSG.”

His posts on Facebook often changed humorous or political direction. The Grapevine Texas Stop the Steal rally and march captioned a series of photos. On social media, Dillard didn’t give any signs that anything was wrong. The Instagram page has been customized. Dillard earned a degree in applied technology and performance enhancement, teaching / applied technology from the University of North Texas. He was the president of the conservative Students Club.

He received an associate degree from North Lake College in radio, television and digital communications. He also joined the Tarrant County Republican Party and served as state delegate to four state conventions.

Miniature Schnauzer volunteered as a guardian at the Rescue of North Texas.