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Chloe Wiegand’s grandfather, Salvatore Anello, accidentally dropped the 18-month-old through an open window of the ship docked in San Juan in July 2019. In a heartbreaking statement obtained by DailyMail.com, Chloe’s mother, Kimberly Wiegand, reveals how she broke down after learning of her death.
‘I screamed, screamed and I know he was responding. I said you killed Chloe and he said, I know says 38-year-old Kimberly, sobbing uncontrollably.
She describes in detail the aftermath of the July 2019 tragedy and says that she refused to watch video of the incident.
“I asked you, bluntly, if you knew those windows were open, said Kimberly, who was below deck during the incident. ‘He said no’
Kimberly,  husband Alan and Anello gave statements in November in their long-running civil lawsuit against Royal Caribbean.
Anello avoided jail last week when he was sentenced to three years of probation in a Puerto Rican court that he will be allowed to serve in his native Indiana.
In her statement, when asked if she intentionally dropped her granddaughter, Anello says ‘absolutely not’ before breaking down in tears, Chloe Wiegand’s distraught mother sobs at the camera as she remembers yelling ‘you killed Chloe’ at grandpa of the little boy after he accidentally dropped her from the 11th deck of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

In a heartbreaking video obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com, Kimberly Wiegand reveals how she collapsed after learning that Chloe had escaped Salvatore Anello’s grasp and fell to her death through an open window on Freedom of the Seas. .

‘I screamed, screamed and I know he was responding. I told him you killed Chloe and  said, I know, ” says 38-year-old Kimberly, sobbing uncontrollably as she describes the aftermath of the July 2019 tragedy.


I know there were more conversations and I don’t know what it was anymore. I just remember screaming. I know, I know at some point, he was like on the ground. I know he was talking, and I remember, like, I don’t know if it was like, my sense of time is really messed up. ‘

Kimberly, her police husband Alan and Anello gave statements in November in their long-running civil lawsuit against Royal Caribbean, whom the family blames for Chloe’s death due to the allegedly dangerous design of the pool area windows. .
The couple say they concluded the cruise operator was guilty without discussing the accident with Anello or watching any video of the moment Chloe fell 150 feet onto a concrete pier in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“She’s tried to say, but it’s one of those things you really don’t want to hear about, details about your son’s death,” Alan, 42, tells the firm’s attorney, Marshall Louis.

When asked the same question, 38-year-old Kimberly reveals that it was three months before she could make up her mind to talk to Anello, who is her stepfather, after marrying her mother, Patricia. .

‘I asked you, bluntly, if you knew those windows were open,’ says the devastated mother, who was below deck with her husband when Chloe fell.

‘He said no. He told me that if he wanted me to do it, he would explain in detail what happened. I told him I didn’t think he could hear it. And that’s been the conversation I had with him. ‘

Pressed on why she decided to sue Royal Caribbean, Kimberly says, “Well, I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t think that window should be open in that particular place.”

The couple say they decided never to see the heartbreaking onboard CCTV footage that showed Anello picking up Chloe and placing her on a wooden railing before she fell 150 feet.

“I don’t think I can see that, sorry,” Kimberly reiterates, pulling back to compose herself as Louis mentions the video.

The cruise operator has asked a Miami judge to decide the case in his favor, questioning in a new motion how the couple was able to draw conclusions about the horrific accident when they did not examine the evidence for themselves.

“By their own admission, the plaintiffs (Chloe’s parents) have never seen the video footage of the incident nor have they even discussed the details of the incident with Mr. Anello, the only known eyewitness,” they write.

While RCL deeply sympathizes with the plaintiffs and understands why grieving parents may wish to avoid reliving such events, the plaintiffs sued RCL for these same events.

‘In fact, the Plaintiffs decided to file the lawsuit the same day as Chloe’s death, without knowing all the facts and circumstances that caused it.

In fact, the plaintiffs were unaware that, for eight seconds, Mr. Anello leaned over the railing that was inches from the window or that after he took Chloe and placed her on the railing, he placed her on the windowsill. window. in front of the pier below.

“Similarly, the plaintiffs were unaware that Mr. Anello held Chloe by the open window, which was flanked by tinted and reflective glass and open to outside light, air and noise, for thirty-four seconds.” .

Anello avoided jail last week when he was sentenced to three years of probation in a Puerto Rican court that he will be allowed to serve in his native Indiana.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor wrongful death, but the elderly IT worker’s attorneys say he only did it to end his grueling criminal process and make sure he did not serve time in jail abroad. . Chloe’s family continues to blame Royal Caribbean for the tragedy, arguing that there were no signs or notices to warn Anello that the “ wall of glass ” she was holding Chloe against on the ship’s pool deck contained individual panels. that could be opened.

His case includes evidence from the ship’s former safety director, Elton Koopman, who claims that he was so concerned that the windows posed a “fall hazard” that he raised it in staff meetings and instructed his colleagues to keep them. closed.

The Wiegands claim that if a staff member ignores those warnings and leaves the window open, Royal Caribbean is directly guilty of Chloe’s death.

But they will never be able to determine if that’s the case because the company ‘intentionally’ removed the 12 hours of onboard camera footage prior to the accident, despite both the couple’s attorneys and the U.S. Coast Guard asking for it. they allege.

Royal Caribbean states in its latest motion that investigators found no mention of Mr. Koopman’s warnings in the minutes of staff meetings and that he was fired for “stealing and consuming alcohol at work.”

In addition, they say a search dating back to 2013 suggests that there has never been a similar accident, or any incident, resembling what happened to Chloe, on any of the 25 vessels operating with the same window design.

“ Not only is there no evidence of previous incidents (substantially similar or otherwise) that have occurred on any RCL vessel, the unpredictable Chloe incident appears to be the first of its kind in the history of the cruise line industry. ” the document states.

Royal Caribbean maintains that Chloe’s death was the result of Anello’s ‘unpredictable’ and ‘reckless’ behavior, and that she would have only had to rely on her basic senses to detect by the ‘outside light, noise and wind’ that window was ajar.

“Simply put, Mr. Anello put Chloe in danger in a very obvious way and RCL had no obligation to warn her not to do so,” they write.

In fact, the act perpetrated by Mr. Anello – lifting an 18-month-old girl several feet above the deck and then dropping her – is dangerous whether the fall is several feet to the deck or hundreds of feet.

Even Mr. Anello admits that Chloe could have been injured if she slipped from his hands, even if the window had been closed. He also admits that a person bringing a child to the window should first confirm the presence of glass and that not doing so would be unwise. ”

Royal Caribbean has also criticized Anello’s claim that he found it more difficult to distinguish between tinted glass and air because he is color blind.

“Mr. Anello can distinguish between different shades of colors when he approaches a traffic light. He has no restriction on his driver’s license, ‘write the firm’s attorneys.

“Mr. Anello does not recall having any problems seeing or distinguishing glass or tinted glass prior to the incident in question. He has never come across a glass door.

United States District Judge Donald L. Graham is expected to take several months to rule on the latest round of motions, and both parties say they should be granted summary judgment without the case going to trial. with jury in April.

If you decide in favor of the Wiegands, the lawsuit will continue before juries to decide damages that are likely to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

However, the couple have always maintained that their sole motivation is to force Royal Caribbean to make more secure windows on its fleet of globetrotting ships so that the Freedom of the Seas tragedy is never repeated.

Angelic Chloe and her grandfather were about to embark on a seven-night Caribbean cruise with her parents, her older brother, her fraternal grandparents, and Anello’s wife, Patricia, when the accident occurred. .

Their vacations were supposed to enjoy the sun-kissed views of San Juan, San Martín, San Cristóbal, Antigua, Santa Lucia and Barbados, but ended in horror before the $ 800 million ship had sailed.

Haunting on-board camera footage of the incident shows Anello alone on deck with Chloe, who leads her grandfather away from the H20 splash pool onto the glass sides of the ship.

He picks up the girl and sits her on a wooden railing, but suddenly she falls forward as she tries to hit the glass like she liked to do at her brother’s hockey games.

Michael Winkleman, the couple’s attorney, said the fact that neither parent had seen the video some 18 months later illustrates how upset and traumatized they are.

He said Kimberly, herself an attorney, quickly came to the conclusion that she wanted to sue because she acknowledged the windows were dangerous.

“This case has never been about money, it’s about holding Royal Caribbean accountable,” Winkleman told DailyMail.com.

Also, it is noteworthy that it only took Kimberly a few moments to realize how unsafe these windows are once the incident occurred.

‘There is absolutely no requirement for her to watch the video. That is why she hired us to defend her on her behalf, which we will do to the bitter end.