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Who Is Chloe Mrozak ? Wiki, Bio, Arrested, Fake COVID Vaccination & More Facts

Chloe Mrozak Wiki – Chloe Mrozak Biography

 Who Is Chloe Mrozak ?

Chloe Mrozak raised doubt of air terminal screeners when she introduced the fake card upon her appearance to Oahu on a Southwest flight last Monday.

An Illinois lady who doesn’t have a clue how to spell Moderna was captured subsequent to utilizing a phony COVID-19 immunization card to travel in Hawaii, police said.

Maybe the most clear tip off was that Mrozak’s inoculation card incorrectly spelled ‘Moderna’ as ‘Maderna’, court reports charge.

The hopeful model from Oak Lawn in Illinois additionally recorded Delaware as where she got her immunization and guaranteed it was directed by ‘cpl wolf’ and ‘ssgt montey’ of the National Guard.

Chloe Mrozak age

She Is 24 Year Old.

Chloe Mrozak Arrest For Fake COVID Vaccination, Investigation &  More Facts

First You Need To Know

  • Chloe Mrozak, 24, was captured after Hawaii authorities hailed her COVID immunization card when she showed up in Oahu keep going Monday on a Southwest flight
  • Hawaii utilizes the Safe Travels program to confirm approaching explorers’ COVID test and immunization records
  • Maybe the most clear tip off for authorities was that Mrozak’s immunization card incorrectly spelled ‘Moderna’ as ‘Maderna’, court archives claim
  • Mrozak, of Oak Lawn in Illinois, likewise recorded Delaware as where she got her inoculation and guaranteed it was directed by ‘cpl wolf’ and ‘ssgt montey’
  • Specialists found Mrozak at the Southwest Airlines takeoff work area at Daniel K. Inouye worldwide Airport and perceived her due to her tattoo
  • She was captured on doubt of adulterated immunization records and told officials she paid her PCP for the inoculation shot.

Mrozak was permitted to leave the air terminal without affirming her inn reservation with screeners, posting the Holiday Inn Express in Waikiki as the spot of her visit just as leaving no return flight subtleties, announced.

Hawaii utilizes the Safe Travels program to confirm approaching explorers’ COVID test and immunization records. State law expects guests to either give verification of inoculation or confirmation of a negative COVID test required close to 72 hours prior to showing up in the state.

Authorities had the option to affirm there were no reservations at the lodging under her name and specialists kept on investigating her supposed phony inoculation card all through the length of her outing.

A specialist responsible for the examination reached authorities in Delaware and discovered no record of her getting inoculated. The detective additionally looked through Mrozak’s Facebook profile and discovered she had an enormous tattoo to her left side hip, CBS 2 detailed. The tattoo is of an extremely unmistakable book of scriptures section: ‘So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but rather on what is inconspicuous, since what is seen is brief yet what is concealed is unceasing.’

Specialists slapped the sleeves on Mrozak on Saturday when she got back to Daniel K. Inouye global Airport for her takeoff trip on Southwest Airlines.

She was captured on doubt of misrepresented immunization records and told officials she paid her PCP for the inoculation shot, announced.

Incapable to post $2,000 bail, Mrozak is at present being held in a nearby amendment office. Since information on her capture broke her public Facebook profile has been overflowed with remarks, including one individual who said she will neve live down this choice.

‘Best of all, this demonstration of idiocy will persevere on the Internet for quite a long time …. also, will appear each time a potential boss does a hunt on her name.’ somebody remarked.

There were likewise remarks deriding her spelling blunder.

‘Perhaps she will attempt to take the Jonestown and Jonestown immunization next… ‘ another person composed.

Mrozak isn’t the solitary individual to get busted by Hawaiian specialists, recently a Florida couple were captured after supposedly introducing counterfeit COVID inoculation cards to air terminal staff when they showed up for a get-away in Hawaii.

Enzo Dalmazzo, 43, and Daniela Dalmazzo, 31, were captured on August 11 – soon after they showed up in Honolulu with their two kids.

The couple purportedly gave authorities immunization cards for them as well as their two kids.

Be that as it may, a TSA specialist became dubious with regards to the kids’ inoculation cards since they would have been too youthful to even think about having the chance.

As per court archives got by NBC Miami, Enzo has been accused of one check of introducing bogus reports and Daniela has been accused of three tallies – two of which identify with the youngsters.

They were delivered on a joined $8,000 bail – a $2,000 bail for Enzo and a $6,000 bail for Daniela.


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