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Charlotte Bennett is the second former assistant to accuse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.

The governor is also under increased fire due to nursing home policies regarding COVID-19. But Bennett’s story adds to the growing sexual harassment debate surrounding the Democratic governor.
Bennett claimed to The New York Times that the governor made a series of personal statements that offended him. She said the mayor never physically tried to touch her she said. Bennett is currently the operations manager in Primary Maternity Care.

Cuomo divorced Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy, and her relationship with the famous Sandra Lee ended in 2019, and Jennett gave her story to The New York Times. The Times reported that Cuomo alleged “asking questions about his sex life, whether he was monogamous in his relationships, and whether he had sex with older men.”

“I realized that the governor wanted to sleep with me and was terribly uncomfortable and scared,” Ms. Bennett said. “And I was wondering how to get out of this and I was assuming my job was the end.”

He told the newspaper that the allegation of harassment occurred in late spring 2020 due to the governor’s public focus on the COVID-19 outbreak.

In one incident, Bennett was left alone with Cuomo when he told the Times on June 5 that he was “open to relationships with women in their 20s” in the Capitol office, and other words were “sexual intercourse.”
Bennett Works as Health Policy Advisor at Cuomo

According to the New York Post, Bennett worked for Cuomo’s management as an executive assistant and health policy consultant.

He told The New York Times that he left his post in November 2020. He told the Times that Cuomo told chief of staff, Jill DesRosiers, less than a week after his encounter with Cuomo, that he was “transferred to another job as a health policy. consultant. “He is 25 years old. Cuomo is 63 years old. According to the Times, two years after college, he briefly started working for Cuomo in 2019. After meeting with the governor, he became a senior brifer and executive assistant.

According to the Times, he once played football against one of Cuomo’s daughters in middle school and lived near his home in Westchester County.

On Twitter, Bennett describes himself as “Ops @ Director of Primary Maternity Care // womxn’s health, safety and justice advocate // former public official // dog mother // himself”.

Cuomo responded in a statement to the Times. He said he thought he was mentoring Bennett and said, “I never made any progress against Ms. Bennett, nor did I intend to act inappropriately.

Cuomo told the Times that he wanted an independent review and that people should wait for the results “before making any judgment”.

She spoke of being a survivor of sexual assault and said she was a “hardworking and valuable” staff member who “has the right to speak of any kind. She did not dismiss Bennett’s comments,” according to The Times. She is not the first woman to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment; It was Lindsey Boylan, the state economic development official. According to the Times, Cuomo denied the accusations. She accused her of an unwanted kiss.

Bennett shared Boylan’s story on Twitter when it exploded. “For those wondering what it’s like to work for the Cuomo manager, read @ LindseyBoylan’s story,” she wrote.

On February 24, 2021 Boylan was on Twitter, “Today I am telling my story. I never intended to share the details of my experience working under the Cuomo management, but now I do hope that it will make it easier for others to tell their truth.

Boylan accused the mayor in that article for saying “Let’s play strip poker.”

“Governor Andrew Cuomo has created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is not only tolerated, but as widespread as expected,” he wrote. His inappropriate behavior towards women was a confirmation that he likes you, that you should be doing something right. He used intimidation to silence his critics. And if you dare to speak up, you face the consequences. ”

“Andrew Cuomo abused his power to sexually harass me as Governor, as he did to many other women.” Bennett Works to Help Survivors of Sexual Assault

An article published by Hamilton University revealed that “Charlotte Bennett” 17 hopes to achieve two things in her internship this summer: Help survivors of sexual assault rest and enforce victims’ rights. State legislative and policy intern at SurvJustice, a nonprofit providing legal services to victims of sexual violence in Washington, D.C. ”

“As a lawyer, I am currently trying to support victims of sexual violence through policy, legislation and research. SurvJustice has allowed me to continue my interest in helping students seeking justice,” Bennett explained in that article.

More importantly, my own personal experiences have taken me to a place where I believe this kind of advocacy work is particularly important, ”she continued. “My participation in SurvJustice can help survivors like me who feel unheard of or their rights are not protected under current Title IX policy and legislation.”

This article says it is a psychology and women’s studies department.

According to his LinkedIn page, he graduated from John Jay High School with 4.0 and went to University College Dublin.