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Charlie Johnson was a St.Thomas University student who was shot dead hours before he graduated in downtown Minneapolis. Police were caught in crossfire during shooting that broke out at 2 am in front of a nightclub on May 22, 2021, injuring eight people and killing one of the two gunmen. Police said the other hitman had been arrested.

It was announced that Johnson, a mechanical engineering student from Golden Valley, Minnesota, died on the spot.

Charlie Johnson Age

He Was 21 Year Old

Charlie Johnson Shot, Investigation

First You Need To Know These Facts
  • Charlie Johnson, 21, was shot dead early Saturday morning.
  • He and his friends were caught in a crossfire in front of a nightclub in Minneapolis.
  • Hours later, her sister Camille received her engineering degree at her graduation.
  • Charlie’s father Greg has called for an end to violence in the city.
  • Last year, bullets increased by 153 percent, murders by 108 percent
  • On Tuesday, Minneapolis will celebrate the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder
  • His death outraged police across the country and 200 Minneapolis policemen resign
  • Investigation

Minneapolis Police said in a statement. On May 24, she was diagnosed by her local medical practice. The conflict occurred in 300 blocks of N 1. Street. Jowan Contrail Carroll, 24, from Bloomington, Minnesota, was arrested on the grounds of possible murder. Police said the investigation is ongoing. The other murdered man, whom the police said was also one of the hitmen, was the 24-year-old Christopher Robert Jones Jr. It was defined as.
“Preliminary information of the 10 victims who were shot shows that they were all adults. 5 men and 5 women. The two people who died are men. One man is in critical condition and the remaining 7 have non-life threatening injuries. “Most of the injured were transferred to the Hennepin County Medical Center, but some were seen in other hospitals on the subway,” said the police department press release. “We recommend that anyone with knowledge call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Tips can be sent electronically at www.CrimeStoppersMN.org. All Tips are anonymous and anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction may receive a financial reward. ”

It happened in the police press release when the Monarch nightclub in downtown Minneapolis closed around 2 am. The officers were already in the area because of the crowd coming from the bar’s closure. According to the press release, “The officers in the N 1. Street 300 block area heard gunshots. Officers rushed towards the fire and encountered an extremely chaotic scene. ”

“Officers have located a number of people with obvious wounds lying on the ground, possibly caused by gunfire,” the police said. Officers have located an adult male who died on the ground. While the officers were triaging the patients, treating the most seriously injured first, they found another adult male who died from a bullet wound. “According to the police,” The preliminary investigation revealed that two people were standing in a crowded area and engaged in verbal combat. Both people pulled out their weapons and started shooting at each other. Seven Murder Detectives were called to examine this case. ”
Johnson’s sister went to St.Petersburg a few hours after her brother was shot and killed. He walked along the stage at the Thomas University graduation ceremony. Camille Johnson, who graduated from Saint Paul University in 2019, posted on Facebook “Oh my Charlie. My best friend. My angel and my hero. There are no words to explain this pain and hole in my heart. You were taken from us too early, and that’s just not fair. ”

She said, “With so much pride, honor and a very heavy heart that yesterday I passed the scene where you should have been and undoubtedly accepted the diploma you deserve on behalf of the best man I know. You’ve lived so honest with yourself. This world has a lot to learn from you. I love you with all my heart. I can’t believe it’s real. You deserve the world, my sweet angel! ”

St. “Our community was shocked and saddened by the news of Charlie’s death,” said Julie Sullivan, president of Thomas University. We grieve with his family and friends and pray for their comfort. On a day that should have been celebrating his and his family’s graduation from our School of Engineering, we are devastated by this loss. ”

The school added in a message to its website: “The Campus Department and President Sullivan were in contact with Charlie’s family, and St. Thomas joined his loved ones for the grief of his loss. Charlie was remembered today for his name, which was read at all three graduation ceremonies, and an empty chair fitted with a cap and gown. One of his family accepted his diploma on his behalf. The Ministry of Counseling and Psychological Services and Campus is available for students, faculty and staff who wish to receive support. “Johnson’s Family and Friends shared a photo on social media with the words ‘I am Charlie’ written across it

Johnson’s father, Greg Johnson, wrote on Facebook as a homage to his son: “This beautiful man is my son. It was stolen from us yesterday. The pain is too raw to deal with, but I want the world to know what you lost yesterday. He was the best of all of us and he left a beautiful impression on every life he touched. He is my hero. Please call me his name and we will work with peace and love to end this culture of gun violence and crime. No politics please, love and affection for each other as Charlie did to all of us. I AM CHARLIE! ”

Greg Johnson also posted a photo of Charlie Johnson with the words “I am Charlie” on it. Other family members and friends, including Charlie’s mother Veronique Johnson, exchanged their Facebook profile photo with this photo.

Greg Johnson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that his son and his friends walked home when the shot was fired and was shot with a stray gunfire. He told the newspaper that his son was staying with one of his close friends and was trying to give him “help and comfort”. “It was a ray of sunshine without a bad bone in his body,” Johnson told the Star Tribune.

Johnson, according to his Facebook profile, St. He graduated from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School before attending Thomas University. A friend wrote on Twitter: “Her sister is great. their whole family. Charlie was one of the kindest, funniest and hospitable people I have ever met. We always got into trouble because we talked during the lesson. I wish he could tell me the French words. It has always supported my shenanigans. You are loved and missed very much. ”

Another friend, Sam Malecek, wrote on Facebook: “The world needs more Charlies. With him, I didn’t feel like the stupidest man in the room. He had a pure soul, a unique mind, and a constant desire to have a good time. You are very loved and we will always miss you. I hope you have all the Hamm and yo-yo you could ever ask for. Relax Charlie. ”

Katie Mickelson added to a Facebook post shared by Greg Johnson: “I was lucky enough to grow up with Charlie Johnson. Going to school together, from kindergarten to high school graduation. There are very few people who feel their presence like a warm embrace. The kind you can look the way you are and they love you anyway. “He continued:

He’s been dealing with my shenanigans since day one. We met at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion as a child. I thought it was cool to be bilingual, but he was trilingual. Of course when I was little I thought this was the best thing, I still do. He always wanted him to speak French or teach me new things. Charlie’s mind was an encyclopedia. He knew many things, and I would bother him with questions as much as I could.

Since hearing about this tragedy, all I can think of is my favorite moments with it. Many of them involved distracting each other during the lesson, from laughter to the point of crying. Then I encouraged him to play with me for Club Penguin instead of doing schoolwork.

Mickelson added, “My heart goes to the Johnsons and everyone else who has been affected by Charlie’s life. He led with grace and humility. It was someone you wanted to be friends with. When you started a new period unsure of who would be in your classroom, you instantly felt relief when you saw that he would be with you. ”

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said on Facebook the day he was shot, “These arrogant acts of gun violence must end. The perpetrators of these crimes should never take shelter or remain anonymous in our societies. Minneapolis police officers will continue to hurt in a hurry to save lives, but we need help from community leaders and residents to stand up and condemn loudly that they will not tolerate this violence. ”

Arradondo said, “Our greatest strength is that we work together to keep our city safe. Our children are watching us and how we react in these times. Let’s come together to raise hope and peace. ”

According to Star Tribune, the Minneapolis Police Department plans to seek help from state and federal law enforcement agencies. “Security must be a priority in our city,” Mayor Jacob Frey said at a press conference after the shooting. He said the state and federal level supplements were “really, really critical”.