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Who Is Chad Craghead  ?

A Missouri math educator and track mentor has been captured after he supposedly acted like an adolescent kid to persuade two underage young ladies to send him explicit photographs of themselves and afterward extorted them to send more.

Chad Alan Craghead, 44, was captured by government specialists in Fulton, Missouri last week.

The wedded dad of-three, who depicts himself online as a ‘devotee of Christ’, is currently confronting five crime allegations, including kid pornography creation, cyberstalking and highway correspondences with aim to coerce.

He faces as long as 30 years in jail whenever sentenced.

Chad Craghead Age

He Is 44 Year Old

Chad Craghead Arrested, Investigation & Facts

  • Chad Craghead, 44, was arrested on June 16 in Fulton, Missouri.
  • Married father of three charged with five crimes and faces up to 30 years in prison
  • He is a math teacher and long-distance running coach for the North Callaway School District in Craghead, Missouri.
  • He is accused of posing as a young boy online between January and April 2020 to force two underage girls to send him nude photos.
  • Craghead allegedly blackmailed the youth into submitting additional pornographic images by threatening to give the original photos to their families.
  • Self-identifies as a ‘Christian’ online

Craghead is a number related educator and significant distance track mentor in the North Callaway School District in Kingdom City, around 100 west of St. Louis.

The underage young ladies are not accepted to have been understudies at his school.

As per court reports, Craghead supposedly designated two young ladies among January and April 2020.

He is blamed for making a phony online personality to act like an adolescent kid to constrain the young ladies into send the explicit pictures.

Craghead purportedly then extorted the adolescents into sending extra obscene pictures by taking steps to deliver the first photographs to their families and companions, court reports show. Examiners said his supposed coercion endeavors made ‘extraordinary enthusiastic pain’s the two young people.

A court order for SnapChat revealed that Craghead was talking with numerous underage young ladies and had gotten a few pictures of self-delivered youngster porn, court archives say.

Investigators depicted him as a ‘threat to the local area’ and a ‘flight hazard’.

On his online profile on the Athlete’s Village, Craghead portrays himself as: ‘A spouse, father of three, a JH math educator, a head XC mentor and a Distance Track mentor for North Callaway and Follower of Christ.’

Craghead’s significant other instructs at a similar school locale as her better half.