Chace Curtis & Tyler Wiki

The LaGrange community regrets the loss of two brothers who died in a single car accident on Thursday evening.

His family, friends, classmates, teammates, teachers and coaches are mourning the death of 16-year-old Tyler and 14-year-old brother Chace Curtis.


The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department said Tyler went home Thursday evening when his car was driving too fast over a hill. The car lost control, almost hit a tree head-on, causing the car to split in half.

Tyler died of his injuries, and paramedics referred his younger brother to a critical Fort Wayne hospital.

The boy later died on Friday afternoon.

Tyler and Chace were members of the Prairie Heights High School wrestling and baseball team. Jeff Reed, the school’s inspector, sent a letter to the parents and said that the counselors will be available in the coming days. The day after the accident, the mourners gathered at the scene of the accident to put flowers under the tree to pay their respects.

The accident is being investigated.