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A Texas mother who filmed herself posing as her 13-year-old daughter to sneak into her high school and attend classes for a day, claims she did the stunt to show that security was lacking.

Casey Garcia, was arrested Friday for breaking and entering, tampering with government records and an unrelated traffic violation, according to El Paso County jail records, after video of her sneaking in. at her daughter’s high school went viral.

In the video, García can be seen entering the building, which was later identified as the García-Enríquez Middle School.

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She Is 30 Year Old

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First You Need To Know These Facts
  • Casey Garcia, 30, was arrested for burglary after posing as her 13-year-old daughter and attending an entire day of classes at her high school.
  • She said she did it as a ‘social experiment’ to demonstrate the lack of safety at school.
  • Garcia recorded herself walking through school commenting that no one noticed that she was not her daughter.
  • It wasn’t until the last period that a teacher noticed her and confronted her.
  • Garcia later recorded a video explaining why she did it.

‘Do I look like a seventh grader?’ ask before entering. ‘Not? Great, awesome. ‘

Garcia then appears to greet who she says was the building principal and proceeds to walk through the school without the teachers noticing. She can even be heard instructing one to find a classroom.

In second period, Garcia shows the camera a math assignment and the teacher can be heard calling her by the name of her daughter, ‘Julie’.

She then she can be seen attending physical education class.
At lunchtime she takes off her mask to eat.

“I’ve been here all day, face to face with the teachers,” she said incredulously.

It wasn’t until the last period of the day, she said, that a teacher noticed that Garcia was not who she claimed to be and confronted her.

In a follow-up video, the mother explains why she did it.

“We need more security in our schools, this is what I tried to demonstrate, and I don’t want to be brusque, but I feel like I tried it,” she said.

It was a social experiment that Garcia said when she described using fake bronzer and dyeing her hair a darker color to better resemble her daughter’s, and said that she memorized her daughter’s ID number to access the edifice.

“I think the deciding factor for me was actually going in and posing as a seventh grader.” she said. “I mean I’m not a spring hen, but it wasn’t difficult and I made all seven periods.”

In particular, Garcia says she was struck by the lack of attention teachers paid to students. “The teachers were so concerned about the students who were online that they weren’t paying attention to the students who were there physically,” Garcia said.

Many, she said, were simply worried that she would have her phone outside of her.

It was “hey, put your phone away.” It wasn’t a name, it wasn’t a person, ” she said. ‘I was’ hey, put your phone away. ”

In response to both the initial video of her and the follow-up of her that garnered more than 126,000 and more than 105,000 views on YouTube respectively, many seemed to agree with her mother.

“I remember being in high school and seeing people who graduated last year walking through the halls for no reason,” wrote Flor Pardo. “Our schools need more security.”

“I find it sad that they didn’t notice, because they didn’t actually interact with you,” Aaron Sexton commented.
‘You can hear in your voice and gestures that you are not a child, they just don’t care! Something must be fixed, ” Danay White wrote. ‘Thank you for doing this!’

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said school officials first reported the incident on June 1.

The superintendent of San Elizario schools, Jeannie Meza-Chávez, acknowledged what happened.

“While there was a breach in security by an individual associated as a parent with the school … we want to assure you that our security measures are being reviewed and evaluated,” she told KTSM.

And after she was released from jail on a $ 7,808 bond, Garcia responded and told the network: ‘I spent the day in police custody, but my question remains: Are our children safe in our schools, Jeannie Meza -Chávez? ‘