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Who Is Paul Robson? Wiki, Bio, Arrest, (Murdered Caroline Kayll) Many More Facts You Need To Know

Paul Robson Wiki – Murdered Caroline Kayll, Investigation

More Facts You Need To Know

A CAGE fighter goes to jail for blackmailing and then murdering his ex after learning that he had sex with a 15-year-old boy.

50-year-old career criminal Paul Robson was convicted today of brutally assaulting Caroline Kayll with a meat knife and a kitchen knife. He was also found guilty of trying to kill the teenager and blackmailing 47-year-old Caroline for her illegal relationship with the boy.

When the verdicts were read, Robson did not react. He will be convicted tomorrow.

Robson had an ongoing relationship with his former prison teacher, Caroline Kayll, for over 15 years.

However, when he realized that he was sleeping with the young girl, he started to blackmail him.

He claimed £ 35,000 and threatened to “ruin him” professionally and personally if he did not cough.

She used the money of his life to give him 29,000 pounds, but the brutal brute Robson devised a plan to get even more violent revenge.

He drove 150 miles from Glasgow, went to his home in Linton, Northumberland, where he and the lad were subjected to terrible hardship.

Robson stabbed both of them several times using a meat knife, scissors, and kitchen knife, and cut off Caroline’s hair.

He hit his head and neck and cut his hips and neck before going on a run.

Caroline was kept alive in a life support machine, but died 36 hours later.

The boy was 45 injured, but recovered after emergency surgery.

Convicted thief and drug dealer Robson, described in court as a “cruel and calculating coward,” was later arrested in Scotland.

Prosecutor Nicholas Lumley QC described the hearing at the Newcastle royal court: “The defendant was a well-built and strong man. He decided to confront Caroline that night.

Before doing this, he went to Homebase and bought two bottles of ammonia, a pack of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench.

“Those items and a locksmith device that he bought show that he is ready to use force to get into his house and also plans to use ammonia.

“Caroline and the boy were attacked and brutally.

Leaving him for death, he paused to take his phone, and took the boy’s phone away from him and left him without a call for help – the actions of a vengeful man. “Caroline, a horse keen on a former police and social worker, met Robson while working as a physical education instructor at HMP Northumberland, where she was serving a sentence and her husband Ian Kayll was the prison warden.

Robson told the case that their relationship started in 2005 and lasted two sentences and 15 years.

Caroline and her husband broke up with Mr. Kayll in 2018 and are still unaware that she is having an affair with Robson.

He was released from prison in the fall of 2018, and a year later moved in with Caroline at his home in Linton, Northumberland. But by the fall of 2020, their relationship is shaken. They separated at the end of September, met for a short time, and then separated again.

Robson later discovered that Caroline, who worked as a teacher at a school, started an affair with the teen who could not be named for legal reasons.

He started sending threatening texts demanding money. On November 15, he traveled from Glasgow to Linton, where he was staying with a friend, where CCTV caught him “wandering and spying” at Caroline’s house.

He entered the house through some back patio doors and brutally attacked Caroline.

He then went upstairs and attacked the lad, leaving him 45 wounded and bloodied.

The boy told the jury: “He took the scissors and went into the room and was on my back, not saying anything.

“Wow, what about?” I said but it was on my back, very heavy, grabbed my shoulders and stabbed me. He holds me with one hand and stabs me with the other. “I was fighting with him, I was saying,” wow. ”

He stabbed me in the back and stabbed several times in combat.

Robson of Wallsend, North Tyneside, was arrested in Glasgow the day after Caroline’s life support machine was shut down.

Convicted of murder, attempted murder and blackmail.



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