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Carlo Mosca Wiki – Arrest

At the height of the epidemic, an Italian doctor was arrested, accused of killing two patients in the coronavirus ward ‘to empty the beds’.

Prosecutors allege that Carlo Mosca, 47, administered lethal doses of anesthetic to 61-year-old Natale Bassi and 80-year-old Angelo Paletti at the Lombardy hospital in March.

WhatsApp messages among nurses revealed that in the A&E ward he was responsible for, they suspected ‘Mosca’ was ‘crazy’ to empty beds ‘to kill patients’.

Three other deaths are also being investigated by the police after Mosca allegedly altered the medical records of his alleged victims to hide their traces.

Mosca has been arrested and is currently under house arrest at his home in Mantua. He denies the charges against him, describing the allegations as “unfounded”. Legal documents indicate that the doctor was administering succinylcholine and Propofol, both of which were used to anesthetize patients on the ward so that they could intubate.

Prosecutors say the patients in question were not intubated and Mosca had no reason to use anesthesia.

An anonymous complaint was filed at the end of April, and prosecutors received WhatsApp, which they say Mosca uncovered how nurses were trying to cooperate with him.

According to legal documents, when he learned that he was under investigation, he asked the nurses to “agree on an appropriate version of the story” and “encourage them to lie”.

The nurses sent to each other, ‘Did he ask you to administer the drugs without intubation?’, ‘I am not killing patients just because they want to empty the beds’ and’ This is crazy. ‘

The prosecution claims he asked his colleagues to leave the room while he was administering the drugs.

“This has never happened to me before,” said a nurse.

Bassi, a diabetic suffering from heart disease, died on March 20. Two days later Paletti died. There was a 70 percent increase in Succinylcholine and Propofol orders between November 2019 and April 2020.

The hospital intubated only five patients during this period.

In addition to the murder, Mosca is also accused of falsifying health records of the alleged victims.

Court documents say that the doctor ‘edited clinical data to make the patient appear fatal and therefore does not raise suspicion’.

Dismissed from his post, Mosca says the case against him consists of ‘groundless allegations’.

He says he never takes anesthesia and he will never take his life, but save him.