Capitol Riot Arrest List Wiki & More Facts You Need To Know

Capitol Riot Arrest List

Ten or two years ago, it would have been impossible to track down the many people who invaded and occupied the United States Capital on January 6. The age of social media has given researchers and amateur internet detectives loads of images to browse and match.

On Tuesday, authorities launched 170 investigations into potential criminals, according to the Associated Press. This number is expected to increase.


Federal investigators say it will take months for investigators to review the available evidence, but some people who stand out from the crowd of rebels are already facing charges. Here’s what we know about some of the most prominent and notable figures photographed in the Capitol Building:

Richard Barnett is facing crimes of entering and staying on restricted grounds, violent entry into public property, and theft, following photos showing Nancy Pelosi occupying his office.


Adam Johnson

Entering or staying in a restricted building without legal authorization faces violent entry and erratic behavior on the grounds of the theft of state property and Capitol grounds. According to Nexstar’s WFLA, Johnson was identified as the man who carried the speaker of the speaker during the occupation.


Doug Jensen

Doug Jensen faces five federal charges: knowingly entering or staying in any restricted building or floor that does not have legal authority, disrupting the regular management of government affairs, violent entry and erratic behavior in a Capitol building, parade, demonstration or demonstration in a Capitol building march and obstruct a law enforcement officer during a civil unrest. According to Nexstar’s WHO, he was described as the man seen in the video leading the crowd upstairs on the Capitol during the riots.


Eric Gavelek Munchel

Eric Gavelek Munchel, 30, was accused of deliberately entering or staying in any restricted building or floor without legal authority, and once on the Capitol grounds, violent entry and erratic behavior. Multiple media outlets have described him as the person carrying “zippered” handcuffs inside their convention hall.


Robert Keith Packer

Robert Keith Packer was accused of deliberately entering or staying in a prohibited building and violent entry on grounds of legal authority and Capitol. Nexstar’s WAVY identified that it was the man who wore a Camp Auschwitz T-shirt during the riot.

Derrick Evans

West Virginia state lawmaker Derrick Evans, who posted videos showing him entering the Capitol online, was arrested by the FBI at his home and charged with breaking into restricted federal property. According to Nexstar’s WOWK report, he has since resigned from his position in the House of Representatives.


Aaron Mostofsky

34-year-old Aaron Mostofsky is the son of a judge in New York. According to Nexstar’s News Nation, it will face charges including the hefty theft of government property – a police bulletproof vest worth $ 1,905 and a riot shield worth $ 265.


Jacob Anthony

Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, was accused of entering a restricted building without legal powers, violent entry, and erratic behavior. Described by the Ministry of Justice as a man wearing horns and carrying a 6-foot spear during the Capitol rebellion.


Christine Priola

Christine Priola is accused of intentionally entering and staying in any restricted building or grounds without legal authority, violent entry and irregular behavior on the capital grounds, and illegal activities on the capital grounds. WJW of Nexstar described him as a former Cleveland area school worker.


Josiah Colt

Josiah Colt has been described by the Boise district media as the man photographed hanging on the Senate balcony during last week’s riot. According to KTVB, Colt has been charged with illegal entry and irregular behavior.


Klete Keller

Klete Keller, 38, was charged with obstructing law enforcement, violent entry and irregular behavior, and knowingly entering or staying in a restricted area without legal authority. It was claimed that the athlete, who won three Olympic medals, was seen in the video in the Capitol.


Kevin Seefried

Kevin Seefried was identified by the Associated Press as the man carrying a Confederate flag on the US Capitol Rotunda. According to the AP, he and his son were accused of illegally entering a banned building, violent entry and erratic behavior on the Capitol grounds, and deterioration of government property


John Sullivan

John Sullivan is a Utah activist who gave researchers footage of the riot but was later arrested for alleged involvement in the deadly US Capitol protest. According to the US Department of Justice, Sullivan was accused of entering a prohibited building or an unauthorized location; civil disorders; and violent introduction or erratic behavior. In the criminal complaint against Sullivan, he lists him as “the leader of an organization called Insurgence USA, where he organized protests.”