Who Is Byun Hee Soo? Wiki, Found Dead, (Soldier), Age, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Byun Hee Soo Wiki –  Dead

Byun Hee-soo, a South Korean transgender soldier who was found dead, appealed to the public to remain in the army during a press conference in Seoul in January 2020.
The Yonhap news agency reported that South Korea’s first transgender soldier forcibly discharged after undergoing sex-reassignment surgery was found dead.

Firefighters found Byun Hee-soo at his home in Cheongju, south of Seoul, after a mental health counselor called emergency services and reported that there had been no news since Sunday, the agency reported on Wednesday.

Byun Hee Soo Age

She Was 23 Year Old

Byun Hee Soo Found Dead, Investigation

The police are investigating her death.

Byun, formerly a sergeant major, was enlisted voluntarily in 2017 and had a gender-affirmation surgery in Thailand in 2019.

The ministry of defense classified the loss of the male genitalia as a mental or physical disability, and a military panel decided that Byun would be discharged mandatory in early 2020. South Korea bans transgender people from joining the military, and Byun was the first active duty soldier to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

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Byun had previously given up his identity at a press conference to beg him to do military service, put on his fatigue, and greet the gathered reporters and cameras. “I am a soldier of the Republic of Korea,” he said, his voice broke. “Military service has always been his childhood dream,” he said.

“I want to put aside my sexual identity and show everyone that I can be one of the great soldiers who defend this country,” he continued. Please give me this chance.

The local mental health clinic said Byun attempted to kill himself three months ago.

South Korea remains highly conservative in matters of gender and gender identity, and many gay and transgender Koreans who are less tolerant of LGBT + rights than some other parts of Asia live largely under the radar.

South Korea has a conscription army to defend itself against the nuclear-armed North, and all strong male citizens have to serve for about two years.

International rights groups have expressed concern over how the country treats gay soldiers who are prohibited from engaging in same-sex acts and could face up to two years in prison if caught – even if such actions are legal in civilian life.