Who Is Bryan Betancur? Wiki, Bio, Arrest, Charged, Family & More Facts

Bryan Betancur Wiki – Arrest

According to CBS News, a self-asserting white supremacist from Maryland was arrested Sunday after his GPS monitor placed himself in the US Capitol during the riots on January 6.

According to a federal statement, Bryan Betancur made statements to law enforcement that he was a member of various white supremacy organizations and said, “He expressed thoughts on murder, commented on the shooting at school, and investigated mass shooting.

Betancur had previously been convicted of fourth-degree theft, and after his release, he expressed his desire to be “a lone wolf killer” with racially motivated violent groups on the internet, according to David Begnaud of CBS News.

Crisis in the Congress Building: Comprehensive Scope

The probation officer told the FBI that he was in the Capitol with the rebels on January 6. He also said that he was suffocated with tear gas and the FBI was watching him.

Betancur lived in Silver Spring before January 6th. She lived with her mother after being released for an earlier violation detained in November 2020. On January 6, he was given permission to leave Maryland to “distribute the Bible” with an organization called Gideon International.

He had previously obtained permission to go to DC with this group. Betancur initially asked to be allowed to go in December 2020 and then repeated his request on January 4.

This request has been approved. Under probation provisions, probation and probation officers use online software to track travel and make sure they comply with court-ordered curfews.

The scripted statement says, based on the screenshot taken from the software, Betancur traveled in the direction of the White House Ellipse before moving the East to the area around the west facade of the US Capitol.

They believe it is in the Capitol building area from 14:00. Based on this information around 5:00 pm. He was also identified in a social media post from the “bryan_patriot_1776” account holding the corner of the Confederate war flag.

In another photo, she appeared to be wearing a Proud Boys t-shirt flashing the “OK” hand sign commonly used among white supremacy groups.

On or before January 6, 2021, Bryan Betancur was allowed to enter restricted areas around the Capitol Building, or he was authorized by law, in the affidavit, based on the prosecutor’s “knowledge of the facts uncovered in this investigation.” have the authority to mount, display or parade flags on the Grounds or in the Capitol building at any time. ”